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  1. stressed317

    BLS renewal

    Need to find place for BLS renewal. Current employment is only place I have ever worked that requires BLS, but doesn't offer it to employees. They also don't accept online course completion. Any suggestions appreciated, need to renew this month.
  2. stressed317

    Peg tube med

    Work in long term facility where we have many enteral tubes. Question regarding tamsulosin via g-tube or j-tube. Is only available in capsule from our facility. We open capsule, and use a good flush, but causes major tube clogging. Any suggestions on how to avoid clogging???? Would appreciate any suggestions.
  3. stressed317

    Sooooooooo........(Slightly Ranty, Slightly Long)

    You have to form your own opinion of your instructor. They all have their good and bad qualities, just as we do. Try to keep up with the work and you will be okay. I think that nursing school may be the hardest thing that we will accomplish in our life time, but we will survive it. I'm trying to hang in there and so should you. Keep your eye and the prize...Someday soon we will be able to work as nurses...
  4. stressed317

    What to expect in first year of nursing school

    Congratulations on starting nursing school. The best advice that I can give is try to stay positive. There are times when you will feel like giving up, but if you want this, hang tough. Try to have a good support system outside of school and also establish a good support system of fellow classmates (you will see them more than you will see your family). I am going into my second year of nursing school and I am still trying to "hang tough". Good luck
  5. stressed317

    CNA vs. CMA

    I have been a CMA for 12 years, I am currently working in a doctor's office part time and have 1 more year to go in an ADN program. After working as a CMA, I decided that I wanted more out of my career an started taking the prerequisite courses for the ADN program. CMA's in a lot of offices are only allowed to do "secretarial" type work (that's what a lot of my friends do). I am lucky and my office allows me to do a lot of clinical duties, under MD supervision, but I wanted to continue on with my education and being a CMA got me focused. Good luck to you in your job search and don't get discouraged.
  6. stressed317


    I understand how you feel, I am there too. Am in the last term of my freshman year of nursing school, working part time (minimal hours, with same responsibilities that I had working more hours),family and now on top of that, my husband was just diagnosed with colorectal cancer. Nursing books are SCARY regarding that... Just another added stress. All I can possibly advise you to do is decide if this is what you really want and if it is where there is a will there is a way, so hang in there. Good Luck.
  7. stressed317

    How many people who start NS finish?

    We started out with 90 people in the fall. Fall we lost some, winter we lost some more, now in spring, we have 50-60 and they are still dropping. I think that the program is harder than people think, which is a good thing, who wants a dumb nurse. But people try to go into the field for the wrong reasons (money) and they don't realize that it is very hard. Hopefully the strong of mind and heart will survive and we will be left with good nurses. Hang in there if this is what you really want.
  8. stressed317

    MA saying she's "the same as an RN"

    I am a CMA (certified medical assistant), who is currently in an AD nursing program. Unfortunately, like everything else in life, there are good and bad MA's. In my area, most of the doctor's offices hire MA's instead of real nurses to keep their costs down. I have found that I want more out of life than what my MA education has to offer. I am very happy that I am continuing my education. A final thought: as one of my instructors said while pointing out the difference between LPN and RN. "They do some of the same duties, but an RN can tell you why she is doing it."
  9. stressed317

    Evening RN program & working?

    I am currently an RN night student. Before I started the nursing program, I was working 36 hrs. a week. I cut back to in between 12-15 hrs. a week, since starting nursing classes. I am burned out!! My advise, cut back as much as possible on working hours, nursing school is stressful and draining.