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Good morning! I have recently re-joined the family of school nursing. Glad to be back, I think, LOL. So, I was wondering, for those who are back at school with no students present, what tasks are you doing? Are you taking temps for staff? What documentation, if any, are you doing? Any other helpful info would be so appreciated. Thank you and have a wonderful day!

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for me, we are not back yet. The plan as of today is a hybrid of present and distance learning. If we aren't going to see students in school, I have already gotten approval from my superintendent to schedule screenings in one of the alcoves at the school. I am not supposed to be taking temps. My charting software was supposed to have updated to include a covid screening tool. I haven't played with it yet.

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Welcome back!

Much like screening the whole campus for lice....we're trying to stay away from thermometer duty on the grounds that parents will have given a borderline ill-feeling student something anyway; that the students have already been on the bus (if we were serious about this that would need to happen), and the obvious fact that kids are much more likely to be asymptomatic.

Texas DSHS has already said we're still responsible for getting shot records in by the day of virtual school starting, and that we will still be doing hearing and vision screening so we're working on that.


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We started (virtual) today. I have a ton of vaccination records to chase down and over a thousand health cards that need data entry, and I still need to figure out a plan for screenings. So for now that's what I'm doing. Just moved to a new school so I'm thankful for the time to figure out supplies, organize stuff, etc - they had subs all last year and it's a bit of a mess. I'd be drowning if kids were back.

I'm not screening staff. They have a system where employees text in their answers to screening questions to a supervisor each morning. Seems like a CYA thing more than anything else, but at least I'm not the one getting dozens of those texts.

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We are receiving any results from that AM screening (each nurse on her campus). Many are "Oh, I did not mean to check yes." Hang in there.

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I believe our teachers will all be taking temps of their classes and helping students wash hands or sanitize before gaining entrance to classroom. Temps will be taken before any student gets on the bus. Teachers have the s/s questionnaire that I was told would all be brought to me after filled out every day. ??‍♀️ I would think I would only need to see the ones that have a marked yes answer, but who knows. We do not start back until next week.