Still unemployed in San Diego :(


I graduated in January but still havent been able to find a job. I have applied to ALL the hospitals here and recently started applying to SNF. I dont have any medical experience but how do I gain experience if no one is hiring????

Im so frustrated! Please help.


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I couldn't find a job in SoCal either. And the closer you get to being 1 year out of school, the harder it'll be. I had to move to another state.


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San Diego has one of the toughest job markets around. If you don't have connections, you probably won't get a job. It took me 7 months to get a job in the LA area and my commute is a *****.

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Include every option in your search. ALF, LTC, MD office, Walk in clinic, Occ. Health, Hospice, Dialysis, Etc.


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I think hospital work is hard to find everywhere. You might try dialysis. Fire up a resume to Davita, I'm sure they're in your area. They seem to be hiring around here anyway.

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Time to consider every other state east of ca. You're next to unmarketable past one year. Speaking from experience, I hope you have already attempted to apply in other parts of California, wagering everything in one area is especially risky as a new graduate nurse.

I feel a lot of students in school don't understand the difficulty of getting that first job out of school. I knew the market was gonna be tough my first year in school and made sure I was marketable and applying a semester before graduation.

Hopefully more students start researching their areas/states and check these forums more frequently to keep up with the current trends in the market!

Think about working for the VA. They are constantly understaffed.


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... Im pretty sure there is no new grad over looking for an opportunity at the VA and every other major organization in San Diego.


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Think about working for the VA. They are constantly understaffed.

*** Total BS. A quick search on USA Jobs will show there are few RN openings at the La Jolla and they are looking for experience. I have worked in several VAs in different states and never saw such cushy staffing.

Okay, but there's more than one VA. For instance, I go to the Loma Linda VA and I've been told that they are understaffed. They even have a recruiting page and I have been told by people there that they do have a new grad program. So you may want to put the "total BS" sign away since it's obvious you don't have a clue what you're talking about.

I'm done.

Hey Alley, check this out.

The only drawback is that hours aren't guaranteed. But it does say that yearly salary is between 64 and 115 THOUSAND dollars a year. So go for it, and when you put your time in, get transferred back to San Diego when there's an opening.