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We were given Littmanns in school. I LOVE IT! I also break out horribly from it as it appears I am allergic to it. Is there any stethoscope you love that you recommend. I plan on keeping this one I have as I can hear fetal heart tones with it but that is the only reason I am keeping it for now.

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Is there any stethoscope you love that you recommend.
People have had good luck with Ultrascopes. Also, the Maxiscope is the more affordable, less fancy version of the Ultrascope that works just as well.

bluegeegoo2, LPN

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I prefer the cheap, disposable ones. Seriously. I can hear anything I need to hear very clearly with those. Can't hear much out of the ones I've paid for. Go figure. :facepalm:


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After much research on this site and many others I settled on my Kila scope. From what I remember you could either buy it from the company site or their place on Ebay.

Its sturdy, has a good weight to it, nice bright color, and I can hear everything I need to. I Get compliments on it all the time! It was also cheaper than the Littmans and because its different I don't worry so much about it walking off without me ;)

My Littmann gave me a rash...I quit wearing it around my neck for one. But yes, it looked like leprosy lol

The ultrascope I loved, but it did the same thing. You can order covers that go over them, although depending on environment may not be the most hygenic route.

There are hip holsters too...

Good luck!


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Littmann Cardiology S.T.C. - hands down the best stethoscope I have ever owned. I'm constantly amazed at how much better I can hear subtle sounds that I could never hear with my Littmann Classic II.