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I live in Sacramento and am starting VN school in the fall at a technical trade school, is there any one else on here?

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I completed an LVN program a long time ago (October 2005). I simply wanted to wish you the best of luck in your upcoming journey!

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HI I am thinking about trade school for fall ( I am not sure yet which one to choose) . Today I have orientation day for CNA program and feel soooo happy >.

May I ask you what is the tuition , lenght of program and requirements ?

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Thank you, im excited I can't wait.

The VN program I'm taking is 16 months. And they also have an RN bridge which I want to take after I get my license.

Oh there are no requirements just a high school diploma. You don't have to take any pre reqs, and the tuition for the whole program including books, and supplies is like 40,000

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ok thx , I had my orientation today and we got our cuffs , stethoscope , books, uniforms , yay!

16 months - not bad, 40 k its a bit high price but if you are sure you want to do it then go for it.

The LVN school I want to applay to is apprx 17 k , and it takes 12 months to completed also the school for my BSN is smth arround 4 k per semester no matter how many units you take.

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sorry for my broken english , still taking ESL class ;D

I know the price is kinda high but u figure 20k a year plus I don't wanna go to a community college and take all those extra pre reqs. Where is your school at?

I just started ECPI LPN program. I'm in Raleigh NC but I do wanna say good luck :)

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My school is located in Los Angeles area , thats one of the cheapest private programs.But I am still looking here and there , doing research ,kinda shopping for college. Speaking about pre reqs , I know that either way I cant skip it. Sooner or later I'll have to complete them all , the good thing is that in private LVN school you dont really need them but if you want to get into RN school they are obligatory (sometimes private RN schools offer those gen ed classes or you can even try to get them online)

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I just started school two weeks ago and I love every minute of it :) Okay so maybe some stuff can be a little stressful but nothing I can't handle. I too am going to school in Sacramento only judging by your program length and cost I see we're not going to the same one.

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