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Hello everyone. I'm new to and I have to say I find it very interesting to see how nurses pull together and help one another. Let me start by introducing myself. I'm married with 4 childern. 18yr old fraternal twins:redbeathe,a 17 year daughter:redbeathe and 15 year old son.:redbeathe I work at a local hospital in the OR department scheduling surgery's and post-op billing. I have a part-time job working as a CNA. I have been a CNA for 10 yrs. Now that my kids are old enough and things are some-what in order I'm able to fullfill the dreams and to to school. I recently was accepted to :nurse:LPN school at a local vocational education center. I will start in September 2nd, 2008 and I'm very excited.:wink2: With the help of a scholarship from my employer, I'm able to pay for school. No worry's about how to pay for school. Ofcourse, I have to drop the part-time but have to keep full time day job. My school is at night Mon-Thurs from 530-10pm. It's going to be hard but it will be worth at the end. If anyone has any advice or things to look for please let me know.

I enjoy reading all the posting and hope I get the same love that I've seen around this particular forum.



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Congrads:yeah::cheers: i wish you luck!!!!!!!


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Congratulations! The first thing I would suggest is looking into student loans to "fill the gap" and consider working part-time. My program started out innocently enough, but progressed rather rapidly to where it consumed my every waking moment. I too am 35 with 4 children. Their ages were 14, 13, 9, and 3 when I started. I have a good husband who tended to the children and house while I went to school. I didn't work and it was still intense. While it can be done while you work full time, I'd hate to see you so overwhelmed that you end up dropping due to the stress. You have better hours available than we did, which may help. We went 8a-4p M-F. Anyway, study, study, study! Takes lots of notes and ask lots of questions. When on clinical, find a friendly nurse and ask them lots of questions as well. Find "study buddies" in class and form a small group to help each other study and understand the material. I was in a group of 5 who were instrumental in helping me get through. You'll make it!! And remember: Don't give up!!!

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Thank you for the encouragement! No need for loans at this point. My scholarship is up to $10,000. It covers all student fees and books are included. It also covers my uniform expense. The only thing I'm worried about is maintaining while working. I know it's gonna be tought but I'm willing to make this work.

Thanks again!


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:clpty::dncgcpd::clphnds:CONGRATULATIONS SWEETHEART YOU HAVE A LONG,TOUGH ANS AMAZING JOURNEY AHEAD OF YOU.I am 6 months into my program and even though I am quited stressed out with work, school, and being a mom I would not trade this for the world being in clinical just makes me that much more excited to do well and be in the nurses shoes.Just remember try to keep up on the reading please even if you have to photocopy pages from the textbook and take them to work with you to read on your lunch break every extra minute of reading counts trust me. Good luck again and:grpwlcm:

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Where are you going to school at?

New Horizons Regional Education Center in Hampton,VA. I started 9-2 and I'm enjoying every bit of it.:loveya:



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congats! good luck with the program!!


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Congrats and good luck! is a great resource. I hope to graduate from my program in Dec. While the information seemed overwhelming at times, it's starting to come together and fit. Just take it one day at a time. Organization of time will be crucial if you're working full-time. Many allnurse students seem to work full-time and be fine, but in my program, most who worked full-time are no longer in the program. Each program is different, but I would seriously consider financial options other than FT work, if possible.

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