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I would like some input. I just applied for an IR nurse job. But my experience is limited to med-surg and Infusion nursing. Is there a chance I may get hired, or do they strictly require critical care experience?


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Most prefer some kind of critical care, but about 1/4-1/3 of the nurses I work with have MedSurg or other similar floor experience only.


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Thanks so much. So there is some hope for me.


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I work in IR. Our department has hired all critical nurses for the last 2 years. Prior to that, the department was desperate for nurses and hired nurses from general floors and intermediate floors. The nurses from the intermediate floors generally were successful, but the ones from general floors didn't work out (they didn't have the right skills). The skills can definitely be learned, but you would need to quickly show you are eager and confident. Recently, tons of ICU RNs have been applying to come to our unit so that is all they have been hiring. Good luck


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That's awesome! Any updates on it yet?


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How many IR nurses do you have in your dept? In our hospital there are only two. it is a 280 bed hospital. I dont know how they manage to tell you the truth.


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At new employee orientation the IR department came to speak to us about some things they do and said that a great # of the hospital codes happen there. So they want people they are pretty good/comfortable with ACLS, reading monitors, etc. But sometime they are willing to train, so good luck!

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