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  1. PNW_NPstudent

    Mid Level practitioner best for surgery.

    I'm finishing FNP school shortly and have been in IR as an RN for 5 years. NPs and PAs both do IR. I find that preference for one over the other seems to be regional. I will be doing a final clinical rotation in IR where I place HD caths, ports, do paras and thoras, liver bxs, etc, under an NP and a PA. In my facility, these have been performed independently by PAs and NPs (doc in house, but not in procedure room).
  2. PNW_NPstudent

    Should I become a nurse if I can't work night shifts?

    No. You don't have to do nights! There are lots of jobs out there for RNs that are during the daytime. If you are very particular about doing one particular area of nursing, you may have to be more flexible about nights while you gain experience, but there are tons of day jobs inpatient and outpatient.
  3. PNW_NPstudent

    Clinic RN / Primary Care?

    Consider if you are going to have to work during school. Most clinicals are during weekday office hours. Hospital hours are far more flexible. Just a thought.
  4. PNW_NPstudent

    FNP Clinical Sites

    Simmons College does. They have placed me with all of my preceptors except the specialty rotation that I wanted, which I coordinated.
  5. PNW_NPstudent

    Interventional radiology NP

    NP student here, and IR RN. SIR for sure from what I hear from the NPs. I guess there are advanced practice provider sessions for NPs, PAs, RPAs, etc.
  6. PNW_NPstudent

    traveling nurse orientation pay?

    Ive personally only seen this done in per diem agency work, not travel nursing.
  7. PNW_NPstudent

    Self schedule

    All the places Ive been have been pretty great about scheduling. Like if I was on nights, I would get 3 in a row, or 2 then a couple nights off and then 4. Day shifts have sometimes had me a little more sporadic, but not in a horrible way. Ive done self scheduling and Ive been assigned. Just depends on the unit. Definitely have any specific days off written in your contract. Whether its 1 day or a week.
  8. PNW_NPstudent

    Seattle travel contract

    Try to get something in the U district (near UW) or in Sand Point which is near Childrens. Bus system is very safe for the most part. Meaning I rode it every day for 3 1/2 years with no issues. Didn't have a car there for several months and no problems. I did work downtown and lived in Belltown. There are also plenty of Car2go and Zipcars there if you needed to rebt by the minute or hour. Also Uber or taxi. Bus is pretty cheap and sometimes the hospitals will partially subsidize bus passes...even for travelers!
  9. PNW_NPstudent

    Drying Chlorhexidine

    Thanks guys. I knew I wasn't crazy! Written policy for the department now! :)
  10. PNW_NPstudent

    Drying Chlorhexidine

    Reaching out to OR peeps. I work in a procedural area, not OR, but we adhere to "maximum barrier" for procedures. One of the techs applies chlorhexidine and fans it dry because "my drape wont stick with it wet." I thought the solution was required to be air dried. I cant seem to find anything on AORN site or by googling for an answer. Thoughts? And do you know of anything for EBP that I could share?
  11. PNW_NPstudent

    Giving Notice without a "travel job" lined out

    My hospital required a 3 week notice for all non-provider professional staff, including RNs. If you are very open and flexible about what and where your first assignment is, 4 weeks notice is plenty of time to secure a position. There are so many positions that are for "immediate" start date. Granted, you will need to be on top of doing everything in the meantime. Like getting your drug screen, physical, immunization records, credentials, etc. Not to mention the new state license. Some are super quick and others take eons. I've seen a few jobs right now that are posting for mid-January start dates. The vast majority of positions are for much sooner. Good luck and happy travels!
  12. PNW_NPstudent

    BSN needed for travel nurses

    BSN requirements are increasing. The hospital I work at now (currently staff, but leaving for travel position and traveled for 5 years) requires BSN. This requirement is for staff and travelers. Previously the "strongly preferred," now it is required. If your want to work in tough markets, start working on your BSN. It doesn't take but a class or two a semester. And it can be easily done online...even while traveling. I got mine when I was a traveler. Never had a problem.
  13. PNW_NPstudent

    What do you think? Is this a good deal?

    That is very low for the greater Seattle area. My contracts have included between $2 and $10/hr more in the hourly rate, the same or higher housing stipend, plus about $35/day non taxed meals and incidentals (aka per diems). Recommend checking with other agencies, as Ned suggested.
  14. PNW_NPstudent

    Stipend restrictions

    As an aside, while there may be no tax rule about 50 miles, some companies have that rule in order to pay tax free meals and incidentals.
  15. Yep. Just depends on what your travel contract says. I did a travel assignment and hired on FT. No fee paid. No stipulations in my travel contract.
  16. PNW_NPstudent

    Reno jobs/salary

    Nothing? No one?