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  1. transition to VA nurse

    Hello everyone. I am an RN with 22 years of experience. I am looking to transition to work in a VA facility. I would like to know how does the pension plan work in a VA? do I work a certain number of years? Any input is appreciated. thank you
  2. I have worked in a hospital environment for over 15 years. I recently got an offer to work at a family medicine center nearby. I am nervous and excited at the same time. Its 5 days a week, with no holidays and weekends as opposed to 12 hour shifts in...
  3. Hi everyone. I currently work in a pediatric unit in a hospital, been there for 2 years, and wanted to change specialties. I applied to a wound care specialty in a different hospital. But am having a tough time getting in. However, these two hospital...
  4. federal and state nursing

    I was curious to know what is considered a federal nursing position and what is a state nursing position? Which is better or worse? Thanks for any input!!
  5. how do i know a unit is closing

    its a peds unit, and used to be super busy about 10-15 years back. but overall census has been low in the hospital for the last 5 years.
  6. how do i know a unit is closing

    We recently merged with another health system, and the fear for most staff in the entire hospital is what will happen now? will there be layoffs, or shutdown, or will they find ways to improve? (which is what they say now) But I was looking for a ch...
  7. I applied and got accepted for a transfer to another unit and I hear rumors from some staff RNs and managers that the unit may close. I asked the DON of this unit if its true and she said " No way..NOt at all. In fact we have plans to expand it" So ...
  8. helping out or obligated

    Just wanted to know everyones input on this. I got a transfer on a new unit in my hospital, and my manager in my current unit wants me to help her out until they find a replacement. This will effect my orientation and timings in my new unit. Can I sa...
  9. Follow up on a job application

    Thanks! Actually I was at that point where I wanted to go straight to the facility and give them my resume, because nobody ever responds. But I just thought of emailing the DON, and guess what??she replied back with an interview date too!! Now Iam n...
  10. Follow up on a job application

    I just send over a resume to the DON, because I did not get any response from the recruiter by applying online. I am hoping this way at least I will get noticed, and improve my chances of getting hired.
  11. Follow up on a job application

    I sent my resume and cover letter recently to a director of nursing in a rehab facility. She wrote back saying she sent it to her manager who will call me for an interview. It's been 3 days since that mail. How long should I wait to make a follow up ...
  12. Has anyone ever worked at JFK EDISON

    That's interesting. It's the same problems I encountered with the recruiter. I think they have issues there. Someone told me she got a job by constantly calling and harassing them.
  13. Has anyone ever worked at JFK EDISON

    any luck yet getting a job in JFK? If so, please provide any helpful tips.
  14. OCH in a post office

    They mentioned the job description during my interview but not in great detail. They did not talk about everyday routine. But at the time I was not offered the job, perhaps that is why. I was also wondering if the benefits are the same as the rest of...
  15. switching specialties

    I was thinking in an another facility though. Should there still be any problem? Because my current facility does not have many specialties to explore.