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I have an interview at a 40 bed facility and want to know what the norm is for that size facility. On the phone the Administrator said they have stable patients, very few treatments. Any help??

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In a nursing home in Ohio, I believe the state required ratio is one nursing staff member for every 15 patients. This nursing staff member can be a nurse--LPN or RN-- or an aide. Hopefully though, there are more staff than that. At a place where I used to work, there was 50 patients. On 1st and 2nd shift, there was always 2 nurses and at least 3 or 4 aides. On 3rd shift, there was always only one nurse and 2 aides. They got by with not having a 4th staff member on, because someone in management was supposedly easily accessible.

That seems to be the norm in most nursing homes, at least in Ohio.

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I have an interview at a 40 bed facility and want to know what the norm is for that size facility. On the phone the Administrator said they have stable patients, very few treatments. Any help??

Is it skilled care?..You need to ask what kind of patients you will be caring for and what your duties will be...Are there nurses aides for the ADL'S ? Will you be charge?We need some more info before we can really help you...At my LTC that size of unit always has 2 nurses on day and evening shift-often 3 on days.....At a minimum of 5 cna's with some human service aides sometimes also(they make beds,fill pitchers and transport,etc) Most of our units of that size now have 2 med carts-it makes the med passes so wonderful.....We also have a great RNAC and a whole team of MDS nurses-we do not have to do any of that :D As charge I am responsible for the day to day running of the unit-leading the aides and monitoring the residents...meds and treatments and the routine paperwork-and the HCFA stuff etc...Tell us more details about the place and we'll give you a list of good questions to ask at your can even look the place up at the Nursing home web site to see if it is a "good" nursing home(by their standards)

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We are a 48 bed skilled facility...Day 1 Rn, 1 LPN 5 CNAs + 1 restorative (unless she gets pulled) Evenings 1 RN, 1 LPN 3-4 CNAs. Nites 1 RN 2 CNAs. The RNAC does all care plans and MDS stuff. When census is lower... they start sending home CNAs...since they don't want to go over the minimum staff needed. yep...It would be a crime to have to much staff:eek:

RN is charge nurse too. Takes the orders, calls doc, does meds and treatments for our hall (26 pts including all medicare residents) LPN does her halls meds and treatments and will at times help RN when busy...


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Hi thanks for the replies. I went to the interview. They run with only 1 RN on each shift. No med tech, no LPN's, but 4-5 CNA's. The patients are mostly ambulatory, lots of psych. No IV's, Trachs or Feeding tubes. I spent two hours with the day nurse and she did not seem overly stressed at all.

Is that really bad staffing??

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I have personally never been in charge of more than 25 LTC patients during a day shift.

8-10 patients per CNA seems a little high as well.

Sounds like a whole lot of running around and not a lot of supervision for them.

I don't know.....................................


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Staffing ratios should depend on the acuity of the residents. Unlike a rose there arer esident s and then there are RESIDENTS.

Passing meds to 40 residents seems unreasonable to me. you have a 2 hr span which leaves you 3 min per resident. I guess it's possible but not reasonable. The CNA ratio sounds fair but they won't be able to helpwith your responsibilities. My 2 cents worth.


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I RN q 24hrs -1st consist of an RN plus the DON and MDS_RN(DON does a lot of work on 1st (MDS_RN available) 1 med tech and 6 CNA's

2nd an LPN Charge Nurse and 3 CNA's and a Med Tech

3rd an LPN Charge Nurse and 2 CNA's

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