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Hi everyone on allnurses.com, u rock! the posts have been really helpful :nurse:

Just took my Nclex-pn yesterday after putting it of for several months and I have been studying real hard all those months. i never felt ready, so I finally took the bold step yesterday and boy was it the hardest test of my entire life. it shut off at 85 and i could only boast of only answering 5 correctly. I am completely freaking out now, almost like going thru panic attacks .I can't afford to fail an exam that would change my life forever. I have been reading comments on this blog all day and finally decided to try the PVT, it gave me the good pop up. I only hope it works for me too. and my school graduation ceremony is this saturday I hope I will be able to celebrate that too. still waiting as the hours grind by.:(

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thanks y'all! the PVT really works! I got the good pop up and when I eventually got my results I PASSED!!!!!!!!!! yeh!!!!!!!!!! check me out! new nurse on board! so relieved.:)

thanks u were right! I PASSED!!!!

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PVT? what is that?

:yeah:congratulations. ms lpn.did u use saunders as one of ur sources to study.

PVT means pearson vue trick. it helps u check if u passed or failed the NCLEX in as fast as a couple hrs after taking the test. theres a thread on this site that shows all the steps, and its free.

Thanks. yep. used both the comprehensive review and Q&A version. I also used Kaplan strategies 2010-11. kaplan was the best of it all.


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