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Hi all!

Well, it's that time of year and we are all posting those "1st day/week" posts. (I love reading those, by the way! :D ) So, I thought I would share my 1st day.

We went to clinical today, but of course were in the classroom where we watched movies most of the time (that was great :rolleyes: ). Then we took this dosage calc test - yes, I knew it was coming, no, I didn't study! Most of the class didn't pass, so we have to go to "remediation" until we do pass. I'm not real worried about this because I know that I will do okay once I get back into the swing of things. Anyway, there was one question on the test that most - if not everybody got wrong - it was something like "the MD orders IV gtts in affected eye QID, the pharmacy has the drops available, what is the correct action to take?" I, like everybody I talked to, answered that I would try to get the doc to clarify the order. The instructor told us we were wrong because - are you ready for this - "IV" is roman number 4 not "IV" as in intravenous. :eek: We attempted to tell her that we thought the question was unfair, but she said that it was perfectly clear and we just didn't read it correctly!! Oh, well, I'll do better next time! :D

Other than that, and the bookstore still not having our books, everything went well. We will be going to the hospital on Monday for "Hospital Orientation" and then the following Monday is our first day at the hospital. (I'm a little nervous about that.)

I know this is long, so I'll end it here. I hope everyone who has had a 1st week/day is doing well!:D


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Was it IV (capitals) or iv (lower case)? Usually they use "iv" lower case in med dosages to eliminate confusion. :)


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My school is fond of tricks like that too. They want to see if you're quick and reading between the lines. The key words in your statement seemed to be "to the affected eye", so in retrospect, an IV wouldn't be given to an eye, it must be something else they're talking about it. I can't stand it when they throw curves like that, like we dont have enough to figure out!! The first couple of quizzes and tests are the hardest, until you get to know the instructor and their "style" and to look for their little tricks, etc. Good luck with everything!!


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Yes.. the eye thing and the "the pharm has the DROPs available". I admit i thought we were talking about IVs too at first :)


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glad to hear things are going well (even with that test!!)

Good luck with your clinicals!!


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that was a trick question and it sounds like the instructor was proud of it

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