Spring schedule too much?


Hi can someone help me with my schedule for the spring? I'm taking 19 credits: a&p 1, nutrition, human development and then for gen eds: sign language 1, a computer class, an human geography. I might end up dropping one of the gen eds. Right now im in class everyday from 8 to 12 and i dont have a job so i can focus more on school. I'm mostly worried about a&p 1 and the amount of study time it takes up.

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I'm taking 16 credits this semester. A&P I, Pre-Calc, Women's Studies, Public Speaking, and an Art class (or a health class haven't decided yet). I only work a 10 hours on the weekends, so I am confident I'll be able to handle it. I think the most important thing is that you stay on top of your studies. Especially for A&P, you need to preview the lesson before class, review for 30 minutes after words and set aside about 3 hours for flashcard reviews through the week. A&P is soo important to the nursing profession so I'm think of it as less of a normal school course and more of a life course that I need to really absorb to help me later in life. Good luck, I think you can do it!


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Only you know your own study ethic and attention span. 6 classes is a lot to keep track off when A&P is in the mix. However, if you do not have a job or family to take care off it should be doable - but you will be busy!

For A&P you should expect at a minimum of 20 hours outside of class to prepare and complete assignments.


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I think you'll be fine, but like the above posters have mentioned, only you know if you'll be able to handle it. Since you don't have a job and just are focusing on school though, I think you'll be fine!

I have a similar schedule! I'm going to take A&P II and Chemistry...ah, wish me luck too!!!

Take care! (:

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I've taken up to 18 and managed. Yes, you can do it. Will it be fun? NO! I was fine with it, but I love school and, apparently, don't have a life.


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Time management will get you through. But try to see in the beginning if you will be overwhelmed because then you can still drop without getting a W. Just don't try to squeeze all your courses together so you can apply to nursing school sooner.


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Ah! So weird I literally am finishing up a semester with very similar classes! I took 17 credits - AP1, Nutrition, Developmental Psych and Statistics. I lost 2 hours a day commuting back and forth to school and was working 20 hours a week, but I still will (fingers crossed!) finish up the semester with a 4.0! It was tough but enjoyable, the classes you're signing up to take are really interesting! I think you'll be fine, just stay focused and work hard =) Good luck!


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I personally wouldn't do it, but only you know what you can handle.