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  1. hellosun

    need advice/opinions on where to relocate!

    Thank you everyone!!
  2. Hi all =) I think the last time I posted anything on allnurses, I was still applying to nursing school. Now I am proud to say that I am more than 1/2 way through my program (and cannot WAIT to be finally working). I graduate in August and will hopefully take and pass the NCLEX in the fall. I have known for a while that I want to relocate to somewhere new when I graduate. I have lived in MA for my entire life and I am so anxious to travel. I'm hoping to work for a year or two in another state and gain some experience so that I can become a travel nurse. I have nothing holding me back, no boyfriend, family is healthy, etc. so distance is not an issue. Does anyone have any thoughts on an exciting place to live/work for a new nurse?? Right now my only plan is to apply anywhere and see where I end up...
  3. hellosun

    Need help with Med/Surg?

    Me too please, if you don't mind! This stuff is DENSE haha.
  4. hellosun

    Preparing for 1st Semester of Nursing School

    Hello and congrats! I just started nursing school a little over a month ago (absn program) but we are in the full swing of things so I will try to give you the best possible advice based off of my experience. 1) Printer supplies (ink and paper). - I have tried many different methods of note taking, but I've found that the most effective way to keep good notes is to print off the slides for lectures beforehand (provided your lecturers post them). Then you can follow along and write additional detailed notes from the lecture and also from coinciding readings. Although it's best to try to get the reading done beforehand. 2) Different colored pens/highlighters. - I've found it helpful to take notes from lectures in one color on my slides and any additional notes from my readings in another color, so I can differentiate between them. 3) the Kaplan NCLEX-RN drug flashcards. These things are AWESOME. Buy them now and go through a few a day, every day just so you can start making your brain think about pharm a little. It will help tremendously. Plus they are organized well and already made, saving you a ton of time. 4) An easy to clean, easy to use water container. I like the ones with the circle through the lid so that you can put a straw through it. For some reason, I tend to drink more out of it, not sure why. But anyway it is REALLY important to stay hydrated in nursing school so that you're less tired, feel better and can concentrate better. drink a lot every day. 5) Caffeine. Buy yourself dunkin donuts or starbucks giftcards, or ask for them for your birthday. Self-explanatory. 6) This is really cheesy but a quote book. I have a book of inspirational quotes and I try to read a new one each day to keep me motivated. It's difficult to stay motivated sometimes, especially when you start and realize that it actually can be as difficult as everyone keeps telling you! Keeping an inspirational quote in your head all day helps. 7) Binders & dividers 8) This is more of a tip but make friends with people who are motivated and friendly, and steer clear of those who aren't. You will quickly become close with your classmates and will be relying on one another for academic and emotional support. 9) Another tip. Save your money starting NOW. I'm assuming you will be working less once you start school and I promise you your money will go faster than you ever expected. A good tip is to spend like you have five dollars in your account. 10) I will leave you with a final pep talk. Nursing school is challenging. You will be forced to learn in a different way than you have been learning your entire life. You will be shown a profession that somehow manages to find a balance between the scientific and the caring with a dash of goriness (it's a word, I checked). Prepare yourself now by practicing time management skills. Once you're in school, remind yourself every day why you wanted to be a nurse and that you CAN and WILL do so successfully. When you are so caught up in schoolwork and studying for exams that you start having a breakdown, take a step back and really think about what the profession is, as a whole - do some research if you have to. You will regain motivation once you remember how fulfilling your path is, I promise =). Good luck and don't hesitate to DM me for anything!
  5. hellosun

    Northeastern accelerated nursing program

    Hi there! I know you posted this a little while ago but in case you were still wondering, I just started this program on Monday. Honestly, I am already super overwhelmed with all of the work but at the same time I love the program. The faculty and instructors that I've met so far seem really supportive and I love learning all of this new material. It really is so exciting to finally be starting. That being said, BRACE YOURSELF haha there really is no way of getting around the fact that an accelerated program is challenging. The most important thing to do is just try your absolute best remembering that it's just for 16 months. Try keep a positive attitude. Good luck! =)
  6. I'm almost at the end of my "lifetime" limit for stafford loans, so I talked to my parents and they're going to sign for the Parent PLUS loans, I'll just be the one paying them after. It definitely is a better option for me than taking out private loans, but there are some good ones out there! Also trying to apply to as many scholarships as possible on fastweb =)
  7. That really is such short notice! Do you plan on moving right away? And I did receive the acceptance packet, it basically said that preparation day will be on April 18th, we'll be able to order our uniforms and supplies (stethoscope, bandage scissors, etc) and talk to some people in the program. It also had an accept/decline/defer slip and then something about orientation on May 6th (sorry I don't have the packet on me). For preparation day, we're supposed to have our healthcare provider CPR card and a record of completed immunizations. Also, the deposit is due March 20th I believe. I hope this helps! Like I said, I don't have the information on me. Let me know if you have any other questions at all about the area, I'd be happy to help!
  8. I've never really been to residential areas in Burlington but I would say it is pretty safe! There's a pretty big mall and a lot of clinics/office suites and Lahey Clinic is right there as well. We'll probably have a clinical rotation at Lahey at some point so that would be really convenient for you =). I'm not sure about public transportation from Burlington to Boston so you may want to consider that if you don't plan on bringing a car here with you. It's so nice to finally find someone else starting in May!
  9. hellosun

    Northeastern Direct Entry Fall 2013

    Hey ijustwanttoknow, the deadline for deposits is March 20th I believe. Good luck!
  10. Hi jaaames, I am and congratulations! Will you be starting in May or in the fall??
  11. Hi there, I haven't started the program yet so I can't share my experience with you but I have just been accepted and will be starting this May. I have just less than ten hours shadowing about 4 different RNs and have been working in an animal hospital for a couple of years now (thought I wanted to be a vet). My GPA is about 3.54 and my pre-req GPA is about a 3.8 (I'm honestly not sure what it is). They don't have housing for upperclassmen but honestly I wouldn't get an apartment in Boston since you will only need to go there 2-3 times a week. You're better off living in a surrounding town or near Burlington and if you don't have a car, somewhere with reliable transportation to get into the city (I'm thinking orange line). But living in Boston is SO not worth it! Also, I'd meet with an admissions adviser about the program before applying. I think it really helped my chances of getting in just to talk to the adviser and show her how passionate I was about the program and it was nice to just learn more about it from a human instead of the internet =). Good luck!!
  12. hellosun

    2013-2014 HRSA Nursing Scholarship Program

    I know it's been a while since anyone's posted on here but I just did some more research on this scholarship after the admissions adviser to my accelerated bsn program mentioned it to me last summer. I was just accepted into the program and will be starting in May. As for the scholarship, does anyone have an idea of how competitive it is? Do you think they would award it to someone who is pursuing nursing as a second degree? Thanks for any information you might have!! Good luck everyone =)
  13. hellosun

    NEU Direct Entry Online Program Starting Spring 2013

    Thanks for the info EmmKay! Have you applied yet? I'm starting this May.. 3 days after my graduation from my undergrad . I'm trying to tie up all loose ends before I start! For those of you who started already last month, what should I be doing to prepare?? How are you liking the program? Any advice would be much appreciated.
  14. hellosun

    Micro &&& A&P II

    I'm taking them right now, along with two other classes and working about 20 hours/week. It's definitely a challenge but I think you should be okay as long as they're the ONLY classes you're taking. They're both a lot of reading (at least in my case) and a&p2 had been a lot more challenging material to take on so far than a&p one. You would probably want to make sure you do well, considering they're prerequisite classes so maybe cut back on work if you can afford to? Hope this helps!
  15. hellosun

    anyone's response will be useful =)

    Thank you both! Melmarie23 I think I am done applying for now, but I have heard that's a good program! I am still SO torn, I keep going back and forth about what I'll do. Regis is having an accepted students night on Monday so maybe that will help me to make up my mind a little. I know that I definitely want to work in L&D for at least a few years before going for my CNM, so I want to make sure that I'm able to get a job (and a good one at that) when I graduate. Ahh! Such a big decision and only three weeks until a deposit is due haha. I will keep you all posted, thanks so much for the advice!!
  16. hellosun

    Northeastern Direct Entry Fall 2013

    That does seem to be the case! I'll let you know if I'm able to end up deferring or not, it's going to depend on when I'll be able to get my finalized transcripts/diploma from my undergrad to give as proof to the program that I've graduated and I haven't quite gotten an answer yet. But if I do have to start in May at least I can give everyone in the fall cohort a heads up on what to expect! So happy for us both to have gotten in though =)