2020 Spring Enrollment for Nursing (Hillsborough Community College)

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I know some of us were discouraged to find out that we didnt get in for Fall. The cut off was the highest theyve ever seen and some were shocked to find out their true pre-req GPA. We have another chance to accomplish our dream of becoming an RN and I am hopeful we will all get in for Spring. Historically it is an easier semester to get into, last GPA cutoff for 2019 Spring was a 3.381 so there is hope. If you dont mind posting GPA and TEAS and when youve submitted the app. Round 2, lets go!

Pre-req GPA- 3.514


Havnt submitted just yet, but i will be soon!


I'm unsure if HCC will replace your current grade if you take it at another college. Maybe you can reach out to them before the next deadline comes and find out. I'm thinking during this time they would be willing to answer any questions students may have.

Yup Saint Pete! In the same both, got Cs in the sciences with only a B in the labs.

Has anyone applied for schools outside of HCC?

There is another nursing school opening off Eisenhower Blvd but I have never heard of it. Arizona College of Nursing

22 minutes ago, milab said:

Has anyone applied for schools outside of HCC?

There is another nursing school opening off Eisenhower Blvd but I have never heard of it. Arizona College of Nursing

Not yet. I'll apply at the end of this month. I heard about HMU too. They are college partner with advent health hospital. Went for the orientation with them. I just wish they are near from where I live.

I will be applying in the next week hoping for Dale Mabry days. Has anyone heard what the class and clinical schedule is like for it?

Hello @Js1125

well for me I got in cohort 3 which is night and weekends, basically is lecture Monday (5pm - 9pm), tuesday and Wednesday (5pm - 7pm) and clinicals Saturday’s from 7am until 2:30pm. Next semester I dnt know what is gonna be but I think that it will be more clinicals but less lectures, I work a full time job but I am lucky because I talked to my boss and he is willing to work with this new schedule, good luck !

Hey! I will be applying for Spring 2020. I applied for Fall 2019 and did not get accepted. I am wondering how the application works if I have already completed it once before. Does anyone know if I would need to resubmit my transcripts and TEAS scores? Or will they already have this on file? I don’t want my application to considered incomplete!!

Just a heads up. I went to speak to a counselor at hcc Dale Mabry. He said that the nursing application is very competitive. Usually, the lowest GPA that get accepted in the nursing program is 3.6. He said GPAs 3.5 below has a very slim chance to get in the program. So, I decided not to reapply at hcc this fall.


I'm sorry to hear that you will not be applying again. Unfortunately, no one knows what the GPA cut off will be. I included a screenshot of two people who applied last Spring. One was accepted and another was not, however, the GPA cut off was 3.381 which is clearly below a 3.5. I am a firm believer each person has to do what's right for them, but don't get discouraged. You never know



Hi all!

This is my 1st attempt at applying for the nursing program. Hoping I get in so I don’t have to wait another year to reapply. I just took my TEAS today and will be turning it in with my app this week.

Prerequ. GPA: 3.71

TEAS: 87

Hello! Does anyone know if I need to resend in transcripts from the other schools I attended before HCC again? When I applied to hcc I sent them in. Do I need to seperately for nursing?

Thanks in advance!


No you don't have to resubmit them. Just make sure all transcripts are showing under My Documents in WebAdvisor.

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