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  1. Mine were way too long also when I tried them on at orientation. They said I would have to get them tailored myself because they don’t carry them short enough for me.
  2. I wouldn’t stress! I’m sure you’ll get a spot. Out of all the people accepted, at least 1 won’t take their seat, or will change their mind, or not get their documents done on time.
  3. Accepted! Cohort 4, Plant City, which was my first choice! Congrats everyone who got in!
  4. Nothing in my inbox yet.
  5. I applied with a 3.71.
  6. Just checked mine, nothing yet.
  7. All my documents including prerequisites now say “Received”. So I guess it’s just a waiting game from here on out!
  8. I submitted mine a few days before you, and it was just uploaded in the system on 08-27-19. I wouldn’t worry; I would guess yours would be entered sometime this week.
  9. Maybe by this week? We turned in at the same time right, the week of the due date?
  10. Yes, mine was under Documents as of yesterday with my prerequisites “UNDER REVIEW”.
  11. How long after submitting did they update your WebAdvisor?
  12. I dropped off same day and mine doesn’t show in WebAdvisor yet either. I did get the card in the mail though from Health Science Admissions stamped with the date and “received”, so at least I know they got it. Did you include a self-addressed envelope with your app?
  13. Application period is closed now.. wishing everyone the best of luck! Let’s update when we hear anything.
  14. @Tiese Scott I submitted it last week. I guess it was wishful thinking they’d update by now, lol. @rrodriguez212 Ok, I feel better.. Just paranoid with the deadline being tomorrow!
  15. Has anyone submitted their app, but not have it showing in WebAdvisor???
  16. Hi all! This is my 1st attempt at applying for the nursing program. Hoping I get in so I don’t have to wait another year to reapply. I just took my TEAS today and will be turning it in with my app this week. Prerequ. GPA: 3.71 TEAS: 87

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