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  1. @yrosabal I also payed to have mine shipped to the house so I could try them on. Mine are pretty long too, but they told us we could always hem and alter them as needed. If theyre extremely long, I would call but I guarantee you will be able to exchange them!
  2. Monday 1-5pm, Tuesday 9-11 and 12-2pm. And then clinicals on whatever day you have !! 6:30-2:30
  3. Most of mine were done in the late 90s/early 00s. I thought the paper said proof of 2/3 vaccines OR titers. I tried contacting the clinical department and was simply told to reread the forms... UGH!!
  4. You all have me super paranoid!! Lol. If I got all my shots as a child and had my pediatrician fill out the immunization form as proof, I do not need titers. Right???
  5. @yrosabal @SierraLeighton ahh, sorry! I don’t know why it won’t load. Can you try searching “HCC Spring 2020 Nursing - Cohort 2” ?
  6. I was alternate status and got into cohort 2!! Is that Dale Mabry Campus days?
  7. Question! For those of you that were accepted, congratulations! Can someone please tell me if there is a deadline you need to either accept or deny your acceptance by? I am alternate status and would like to know when to expect a response! Thank you
  8. I think we only heard back for alternate status. My gpa was pretty low so there is hope for you all! I had a 3.389. @yrosabal how did you respond? I’m not sure what to say!
  9. Question!! So for those of you who have applied for previous semesters, what does it show in the “my document” section? I don’t know what it’s supposed to look like when they have processed this new application. I still see my old documents.
  10. Yes! I submitted mine last week and it has not updated. It usually takes a while before they can get around to update it! I wouldn’t worry if you don’t see it right away.
  11. I definitely always think everyone should give it a shot, especially since Spring usually has a much lower cut off. The only concern is, I believe you need at least a 2.8 prerequisite GPA to be considered for the program!
  12. Hey! I will be applying for Spring 2020. I applied for Fall 2019 and did not get accepted. I am wondering how the application works if I have already completed it once before. Does anyone know if I would need to resubmit my transcripts and TEAS scores? Or will they already have this on file? I don’t want my application to considered incomplete!!
  13. I am in the same situation! I took statistics and AP Calculus in high school. I emailed the general admissions office. The guy told me that he confirmed with health sciences that AP Calc is enough to fulfill the credit!! Don’t worry!!! Good luck
  14. I know we're all super nervous. I'm trying to be positive in a mind full of anxiety and uneasiness. I just wanted to put this out there: For those of us with lower end GPA's, be positive. Many applicants probably do not even know that this group exists. There are probably at max, 20 people actively in this chat. A lot of those in this group have higher GPA's, but we have to keep in mind all the hundreds of others that do not have as high GPA's. 150 will be accepted! There is hope!!
  15. All my documents have been received! Does anyone else show not received still? I feel like they are moving faster than anticipated!!
  16. This may be a dumb question.. But how is everyone calculating their Prerequisite GPA? Or is there a place on WebAdvisor I can just look and find it?

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