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I have been trying to learn Spanish to help talk care of my Spanish speaking patients more effectively. However, I can't seem to find an appropriate reference book to help me.

Does anyone know of one that is geared toward the medical profession. I would like one that has tapes/CD that actually pronouces the words. With out that, I can't be sure I am saying it correct.:)


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no comprende senorita?

ok i'm worn out........that's the extent of spanish for me!

me :)


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Well, I do know a little more than that, so I guess I shouldn't feel so bad.:roll

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Hablo espanol poquito... ;)

Try barnes and nobles if there's one by you...lots of good language things there. :)


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Hmmm, I never thought of that. But I don't think they will have anything just "medically" oriented. But thanks. I will go look.


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borders book store!

they are awesome and i think nationwide! i go there alot! youc an hang out, check some books while your there, and buy what you like! you can also grab a bagel and coffee or something!

me :)


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Hi there! I just typed "spanish for medical personnel" in my browser with many, many results! Try it out!


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Howdy Yall

from deep in the heart of texas

Well living here in Texas, where you would speaking espanol would be an asset. I went against the norm and decided to learn ameican sign language. Much more worthy of an endeavour in my perception. And definitely meets my hierarchy of needs. Besides Ive decided it is good for my golf grip,......

Keep in the short grass yall



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golf grip???? you hit what for 18 tom? i assume on a bad drive, chip or putt, you can yell quietly with that sign language! :chuckle lmao!!!

oh yeah me? don't even go there......for 18? it would make a better batting average!!! :D

me :)


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Try contacting the armed forces representative in your area. Prior to deployment we are generaly given a medical lexicon and basic phrasology to help in all languages in the area we wil be operating in. The language school or military medical unit closest to you should be able to help. If not, let me know and I will see what I can do north of the 49th parallel.


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'Spanish for Healthcare Professionals' available at Comes w/book, audio tapes, and pocket reference. Has unit-specific sections.

Here's the link:

I have it and love it.


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I wish I could learn spanish...would be such a big help at work.....if only my parents pushed me to take a language when I was in school many many moons ago...I probably woldn't be having such a hard time learning it now.

Try to explain this to my 12 year old.....of course he takes after his mom.

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