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Does anyone know if this is a good program? I'm thinking about applying for it for Fall '08, but I don't know anyone who has gone to the school. I would love to know anything from quality of... Read More

  1. by   nics1286
    I just called to change my address and she said that they will be sending out notifications in the middle of March. I was hoping we would be finding out in 2 weeks.
  2. by   twinkletoez
    I can't believe they had 400 applicants..that is almost double last application period
  3. by   LaurenB123
    Hi everyone! I am new to this board, but I applied to the program for Spring of 2010. I only made it to alternate status, and hope to get in this time! I didn't hear anything from MUSC until about a month and a half after the application deadline. Good luck to everyone! I hope we can all meet in the Fall!
  4. by   nics1286
    if you don't mind me asking...did they say what you needed to fix before applying again for fall '10?
  5. by   twinkletoez
    What were your pre-req and cumm gpas?
    SAT scores?
  6. by   LaurenB123
    I need to finish up my prereqs. I took Microbiology last semester and sent those transcripts in with this application. My GPA is only 3.2, SAT score 1390. The first time I applied was for the Fall of 2009...I was out of the country for the summer and did not take the prereq because I'd been wait listed. While I was gone, MUSC called me off the waiting list, but I hadn't taken the prereq, having been out of the country and thinking that I would not get in after being on the waiting list. So, now that I have that prereq, I'm hoping for better news this semester!!

    What about yall? Is this your first time applying? What are your scores like?
  7. by   becky3vb
    Did anyone apply for priority admission? And if so, did you get in? I'm hoping to apply priority admission for Spring 2011.
  8. by   amybeth5
    Question: Does anyone know how many spots they have open?

    Also, when did they say they would be sending out letters?

  9. by   becky3vb
    I'm trying to get a jump start to prepare for applications when they become available in July and am wondering what the essay is about. Is it just "why do you want to be a nurse?" or is there more specific information that they want? Does anyone know if the essay changes for each application cycle?
  10. by   parker2010
    So I just heard that they only have 40 spots! I wanted to cry...but am still holding out hope for a FAT envelope in 3 weeks!
  11. by   nics1286
    Where did you hear that? I thought they had 60 spots...They told me they had only filled a few spots with people who applied for early decision.
  12. by   parker2010
    Someone in my class talked to the dean of admissions. I haven't talked to anyone down there though so it could be miss information which I hope it is!
  13. by   live4rachael
    40 spots? I can't IMAGINE they're cutting slots (which have been at 60). All we hear about is how they don't have $$$...