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  1. mell260

    Is one year of ICU experience enough?

    I have thought about sticking it out for the CCRN cert, but I'm just not sure I want to stay where I am for another full year. I am also considered a part time employee (I've worked full time hours the majority of my time here though). So I'm not sure if a year of part time status equals a year of full time in applying for other jobs? Thanks for the input!
  2. mell260

    Is one year of ICU experience enough?

    Not interested in being a CRNA at all. Ruled that out a long time ago, as I know several that aren't happy in it despite the great $$. I suppose it's the lack of any patient interaction.
  3. I feel comfortable 90% of the time in the setting, but just don't know if it's my "calling." Most of my coworkers are trauma junkies and that just isn't me. They love coming to work, I really am indifferent to it. Would just a year be enough to get my foot in the door in any other setting? Thinking research nurse, PACU, or even going back to school. I do know I want to relocate back home to CA but it is a fiercely competitive job market so I'm afraid if I leave and am unemployed, showing a "gap," that could hurt my resume.
  4. It kind of seems to me like working at a rehab hospital you would use a lot more med/surg type skills (IVs, wound dressings, neuro assessments, etc.) than psych or especially a nursing home.
  5. New grad here... I'm wondering if working at a post-acute rehab hospital would count towards anything in terms of advancing to the ICU or ER? It is a 50 bed hospital specializing in post-stroke, brain injury, post-amputation/fracture, parkinson's, etc. I understand it's not quite acute, but is work at a place like this valued more over something like a nursing home or psych experience? Or are they all thrown in the "doesn't count" category?
  6. So I should put it down on my resume even though it won't be counting as experience and will potentially make me look like I'm just abandoning ship after a week?
  7. I am a new grad and just started working at a LTC facilty due to not being able to get a job anywhere at a hospital. Now I'm wondering if this is something that I should put on my applications as my current job or just not list it? Will that give the wrong impression that they see that I have only been there one week and I'm applying elsewhere?
  8. Just wondering if most managers are in on holidays?
  9. I'm wondering if the small differential for having a BSN vs an ADN is more common in the acute setting or is it the norm everywhere?
  10. Are there any things in particular like contracts/agreements, or giving less insurance coverage that I should be on the look out for?
  11. What does ETA mean?
  12. An hourly wage was given with no mention of overtime, just 60 hour weeks.
  13. Without paying overtime?
  14. my dream job is at a neuro floor and i'm wondering if knowing a nurse on that floor could help in any way to land a job there? could they potentially talk to the floor manager who does the hiring and put in a good word for you or are hiring managers strictly not allowed to use bias in who they choose? i know on applications it sometimes asks if you have any family that works there, but can a friend help?
  15. mell260

    Wondeirng whether to activate my license or not???

    If you were to forget to renew for whatever reason would that mean you'd have to take the NCLEX all over again?
  16. mell260

    Best way to get your foot in the door?

    Oh I am being aggressive about it! In fact I'm afraid I am applying to too many openings at some of the hospitals and they maybe think that I am just job shopping or just super desperate....which I am.