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hello, any other mtc students here? always could use some advice from a fellow student!:lol2:... Read More

  1. by   SCarolinaGrl
    MTC here as well. I am in my second semester of Pre-Nursing to roll into my ADN. Such a long way to go. GL with the summer programs; I will be watching thread for any and all suggestions
  2. by   P_RN
    It's a circle. MTC is hard therefore it puts out the best nurses (everybody knows this) because MTC is hard. Do what you must, even the LPNs are the best, but go on to the RN asap, because MTC is the best......did I already say that? And *I* went to Carolina.
  3. by   SCarolinaGrl
    I am a little scared going in, but I know I can do this. I have, thank God, a wonderful husband who is working for the both of us right now so I can go full time and still be the mother to two kids. I have heard Midlands produces some good nurses and so far have had nothing but good experiences with them myself.
  4. by   alicat1226
    Hi there! I start my last semister in 1 week, woo hoo. I'm nervous a/b the paper for 215, any suggestion? And how long does it have to be?
  5. by   CCIlovePinkCC
    I am at MTC currently taking Intro to Pharmacology and Diet and Nutrition Therapy. I start clinicals in 2 months. I'm glad to see there are other MTC & USC nursing students here!!!
  6. by   alicat1226
    Good luck! Remember to study!! And I mean study, no going out. haha. I graduate Dec 17th so I can tell you that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, everything you hear a/b 3rd semister s TRUE and the 4th and 5th semister are the EAISEST! So, if you get a chanc to take 4th semister over the summer, do it, b/c it is very easy. For 3rd: get Mrs. Shirk (med surg), for 4th: get Nelson (she is GREAT), and 5th, get Poe (she is also awesome!) I really can't tell you a good teacher to get for 1st and 2nd. I had Mrs. Murry for 1st and she was good, strick, but good. I had Mrs. Johnson for 2nd. For 3rd, if they are still making you all do the videos, come to school before school starts are GET THEM DONE, the more you can stay ahead the better.
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  7. by   CCIlovePinkCC
    I'm figuring out that staying ahead is the key to getting this done!
  8. by   slynotshy
    pre-nursing mtc student here

  9. by   sahm02
    Good Luck I am in my last semester of the RN program. Stay strong!
  10. by   slynotshy
    sahm02 - Congrats on being on your last semester!!!!

    i know! i am so incredibly excited...i basically just started doing my pre-reqs, but i should be finished with them by the end of the summer...and then i get on the glorious list, but all good things in time.

    any starting out pointers? should i avoid a certain prof. or start studying some now...? any suggestions and insight would be more than welcome. Thanks!
  11. by   1nurseoncall
    Hi, I'm an LPN in Ga applying to the Midlands tech LPN-RN bridge program. I have to get the pre-nursing certificate inorder to apply to RN program. Has anyone been through this program? How long is the wait usually? I have just sent transcripts so I need to go to an advisor in June to see what classes they will except or not because some of my class are on quaters and semesters. I hope they will except my A&P 1 & 2 and Micro even though they were taken back in "99". I looking forward to hearing any info about the course and school. I think I will have to get a SC LPN license when I get to the schools program right know I"m a new grad working in Augusta, GA.
  12. by   sahm02
    Sciences are taken only within the past 5 yrs. If you have a previous degree you may be able to skip the pre nursing cet. great program, I just graduated RN, but hard, you earn your degree. They have a 100% pass rate for the LPN boards. Good luck!
  13. by   ljnorris
    Can you give any suggestions for teachers for 265? Thanks.