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Sorry...I lied....


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A few months ago, I had posted that I love my LPN job and would be 100% happy and content working as an LPN, pushing my huge med cart and passing meds to my 27 pts and that I was not going for my RN. I lied. I mean...I do love my job. I will do it until they tell me I am too old and give me my own private room. However, I am wanting more. I find myself pouring over my resident's charts and looking up diagnosis that I dont't know. I find it kind of odd..but usually I am the one who calls the MD when I suspect a problem, even though the previous nurse did not think it was that serious and sending my pt to the ER for eval. And they always get admitted. I worked every weekend in Sept and Oct and each weekend, I sent 2 pts to the ER...one Sat in Sept, I had called the on MD..10 times in a 8hr shift...I think by the end of the night, I invited him and his family for Thanksgiving dinner. One of the other staff nurses that was working on the other unit asked me if I needed help and we started working on some paperwork and she asked me how long I have been a nurse and I told her that I graduated LPN school in April 2009. She then asked when I did I get my RN and I told her that I was an LPN. She said that I need to go for my RN and that I should work in ICU, stating that in all of her years as a nurse, she has never seen any one with such good clinical skills and someone who is not afraid of anything. I have to admit, her comments did get me thinking. But I ignored them. I mean, I am almost 40, house full of kids and husband who, while works and brings home some of the bacon, really doesnt do much else. If I am working, I will be lucky if he cooks a hot meal for the kids and makes sure homework is done. So, the thought of me going back to school is crazy.

Then, a couple weeks later, I had the chance to work with one of the MDs while they were at my facility for rounds. This is something normally one of the nurse mangers do but she was not available, so I pitched in. And that gave me another experience. Then a patient was admitted...a very sick resident...two different IV meds q 8h..a wound vac...a tube feed...post hip fx...recent CVA....and a full code...:eek:.....Everyone was in a panic over this client...lots of meds..I med a whole lot of meds...and of course was admitted right at the start of my shift on a Friday...which was at 3pm!!! THe first thing I did was made sure the med orders were verified and faxed them off to the pharmacy...had too many times when the HUC enters the orders in but doesnt fax the pharmarcy and when the pharm guy delivers..there are no meds. So I made sure the meds were ordered. Then I went to asses my resident. And soon as I entered the room, it was noted that the resident was in resp distress...called for help and started O2, took the resident's hand and looked into those big deep blue eyes and told the resident very calmly to relax, try to slow the breathing down. Resident complained of chest pain and SOB. Sats were in the low 80's with the O2 and BP was 190/100....:eek:....and while the other nurse was rechecking the BP and getting other vitals, I pulled out the cordless phone and dialed 911. The other nurse stated that I need to call the MD first. Gave the resident a nitro and 325mg ASA and 10mins later, resident was on a stretcher heading to the ER where later had a major heart attack and of course admitted. 10 days ago, resident came back to me and looked 100% better...it was like night and day...amazing. The family had told me that if I had not acted the way I did that day, their loved one would have died. The ER doc had said that it was very close. So what does this mean? Well..after a lot of prayers and researching, arguing, and debating, I went down to the local community college and started classes. I am going for my RN. Sorry that I lied and said I never would. I would like to be a nurse manager in a LTC setting. I love focusing on wound cares and the tx's for wounds. I love working with hospice patients and their families. I want to teach other nurses. Will I work in the ER or Med/Surg or LD? Most likely not. And that is okay with me. I am taking a huge risk bc I will not be able to push the cart as an RN and I want to stay where I am working. RN jobs are very hard to find right now. However, my goal is to be completed by 2013, so I have alot of time and I am in no big hurry. Anway, just wanted to say sorry that I lied.:redbeathe

It sounds like you've really found your groove! That's awesome!

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I am taking a huge risk bc I will not be able to push the cart as an RN and I want to stay where I am working.
Although I'm an RN, I still work the med cart at the LTC facility where I work. It is very common for RNs to work the floor at the nursing homes in the metro area where I live. We're not all managers. :)

Congratulations!!! It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to be a great nurse. Sometimes it can be draining but we need more people like you in the field!


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hello, i was just wondering what school you went to for pn? rn? you have obviously been to atleast a descent school:yeah: and i have not but i do want to know for reference and to know the rn school as i am looking! :anpom:

have a bountiful :hrnsmlys:thanksgiving!


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I went to Virginia College for my LPN and currently I am going thru the College Network for my RN. Virginia College is a private college and was very expense. Also, we had a lot of problems with the nursing program....

Just be sure to do the research on whats best for you and your family...

Good luck...

If I'm ever admitted to LTC, I want to be in your facility!

I'm so glad you're going for your RN. We need more people like you.

As for the husband that doesn't do much, might be time for a little conversation about that. You're in this together. Or at least you should be.

I wish you the very best! :up::up::up:


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havent i heard the college network is a rip off? better check that out..

otherwise!! AWESOME FOR YOU!!!......i feel as tho i was writing your post....but i am staying where i am...i am 48..i dont work with LTC but medically frail mentally and physically challenged individuals...LOVE IT!

:yeah:That is great that you have made the decision to go ahead with RN program! Wish you all the best. Your facility sounds like an awesome LTC facility!


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congrats future rn. sounds like you are a great nurse. keep up the good work. i am an rn now and still push the cart which i don't mind. i do want to be in a management position someday when the opportunity presents itself.

by the way, the college network is not a college. they are merely a publishing company that supply you books for the excelsior's college rn program. i graduated from excelsior college last month and you don't have to spend extra thousand of dollars using the college network. you can go straight to excelsior college.

there is a distance learning forum here where you can learn tons of info about excelsior and the college network.

good luck,