Sooo nervous! Interview next week for lpn program!!

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I have an interview for next Tuesday for the LPN program. I know I will be writing an essay and taking a math test that day. Any advice? What type of questions are asked? I get super nervous and red cheeked during things like this, any advice you have will be helpful!


Why do you want to become a nurse...How much time do you think is required for study .....what are your long term would you accept change...would do you do to help friends/ do you handle workload/stress....some programs want to know if your working full-time if you are do or you going to continue....because full obligation may be necessary for nursing school...Good Luck. ....if I remember anymore I'll let you know :)

Okay, awesome! Thank you! Lots to think about before Tuesday!

Time management, time management! LOL - they will ask you HOW you plan to fit in studying. I had to tell them specifics - like how my day would run. Believe me it's a TIGHT schedule, but if you are serious about nursing that will shine through in your interview.

Thank you, I will have to plan out what I will say. I won't be working, but I am a mom and wife... ;)

If you are good in math you won't have a problem. My test included basic math along with a little algebra & geometry. As for the interview, just remain calm & poised & be sincere.

My interview had those same questions as well as, do you have support in the community and how do you plan on paying for school.

For my math test(keeping in mind I haven't done algebra for a looooong time), they were all multiple choice, I took the answers they gave, put them into the equation and picked the one that worked out.

I also dressed well. I didn't take anything for granted in this process.

Thank you both for your advice. I did get black pants and blazer, and I plan to look my best. I'm not great in math, but if I passed the entrance exam, I'm hoping I'll be okay. I know I will also need to write an essay that day, which is my stronger subject!!

Oh, I forgot to say make sure you dress professional. I wore a pants suit with a white button down blouse. Make sure you keep the jewelry to a minimum. My earrings were small pearls without a necklace or bracelet.

I'm not saying the suit is a must, but the doctor that interviewed me did pay me a compliment on it! You wouldn't believe the outfits I witnessed! Hot pink pants, zebra print shoes, multi-colored mini skirts with lace was awful!

After my interview, I was also required to write an essay and they had me go into the computer lab. Some of the students started talking to me and actually thought I was an instructor because of my appearance! So funny! Just put your best foot forward and go knock em' out!

Thank you! I got a nice black blazer and black pants, and a cute top for under. I was thinking heels, but I may be more comfortable in dressy flats. I'm okay with the essay, just really nervous for the interview and math. Even if I know what I'm doing, I tend to forget it under pressure. I'm just going to try and relax and practice math tests online until tomorrow! Did you get in? How long did you wait before finding out if you were accepted?

I had my interview Feb. 26th and got word back March 15th. I found lots of advise and tips on my interview... I prepared myself by going over questions I found on with my boss, who is the interview guru. One important thing he told me is to keep it professional, but don't be afraid to tell them personal things that make you unique. For example, he said to make sure I tell them I'm engaged, because it shows commitment. I hope it went well!

That's great!! I was accepted into my program!! I hope that you all get the same great news! I do agree about telling personal facts. My program director asked me what my biggest accomplishment to date is, I said I know it sounds cliche but my daughter is. And she agreed and said her children are her greatest accomplishment in life too! :)

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