Sooo nervous! Interview next week for lpn program!!

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I have an interview for next Tuesday for the LPN program. I know I will be writing an essay and taking a math test that day. Any advice? What type of questions are asked? I get super nervous and red cheeked during things like this, any advice you have will be helpful!


Congrats on your entry to Nursing School.....and good luck to those on entry! :)

I had my interview Feb. 26th and got word back March 15th. I found lots of advise and tips on my interview... I prepared myself by going over questions I found on with my boss who is the interview guru. One important thing he told me is to keep it professional, but don't be afraid to tell them personal things that make you unique. For example, he said to make sure I tell them I'm engaged, because it shows commitment. I hope it went well![/quote']

What School are you attending???

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