Someone, PLEASE, shut off the snow and bring us spring


Hi all,

Anyone else had enough of winter and the snow and cold that comes with it??

COME ON SPRIIIIIIING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its not so much the cold than the snow and the salt. I just want my car to be clean!

I'm done. I live east of Lake Champlain and I. am. done. And it's the cold I'm sick of. I'll even take mud season over this!

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uuugh... 15" of snow tonight.... We will be digging out until May :bluecry1:


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I am SO over this. It was gorgeous the last two days, and guess what? Its snowing out AGAIN! I think it snows less in the Arctic!

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I am with you niko... I can't beleive we got even more today after the weekend was so beutiful... arggg..



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Tell me about it! I'm in Nebraska and tired of the snow too. Just get warm already!! Lately, we've been having this thing where it is really nice during the weekday (say, 60-75 degree weather) and then on the weekend, it snows, is about 15-25 degrees and cloudy all day, then it warms up again and melts all the snow, then snows again. Seems never ending!

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