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  1. Karla.S

    Frustrated with Lazy RN

    Thanks for the input. I have had to see go into the Med Room a few times and see her always on Facebook and dating websites and such. Other people also notice this and how much she's talking on her cell phone at night. The med that the pt recieved is a scheduled one to be given each day at 12am but the Pt usually has to ask for it, (its just Boost and Tylenol) I didn't think about talking to HR or IT about the computer use. I really don't like to be the "snitch" but sometimes its just not right, there are times for doing things at home at times for doing things at work.. y'know?
  2. Karla.S

    Frustrated with Lazy RN

    I had a problem with a certain RN since I've started working at a Psychiatric Hospital. I am just a tech there, and I'm not sure who I should talk to. We do have Team Leaders, but talking to my team leader is like talking to a brick wall because he doesn't know what to do. The ADON for the night shift is also the type of person who will side with whomever she likes and make excuses for them. My problem is, we will call over our radios for the RN to come because a Pt needs her. Just recently, she took 45 minutes to get a Pt his pain medications (which I had documented what time the Pt. asked at what time the meds were recieved). Also, another time was when we had a Pt who was in full bed restraints who had eventually calmed down and wanted to ask the RN when he would be able to get out and go to bed. She took 20 minutes to walk down the hallway because she was too busy sitting on Facebook and talking on her phone. NOT okay with me!! Who would you talk to next about this if nobody is going to look into the situation. This happens too often and she does so many other things that are just wrong for an RN to do.
  3. Karla.S

    Pregnant in Nursing School....

    Wow!! That's quite the thing for a nursing school to say to their students.. I'm in an akward position myself. I'm at the point where I keep feeling this need to be a mother and have felt this way for quite some time. My husband has said that he doesn't want to be in his late 30s (he just turned 29) before he wants to have children. We've been together for 7 years and married for 3.. I've worked at a psychiatric hospital for a little bit now, which has been pretty demanding and stressing me out because of all the mandatory overtime and sometimes having to work 16 hour days. For this reason, I have thought about not working there anymore because my BP has been a bit high since I started there. I am in nursing school 1/2 time right now because I have already taken most of the classes I need to have. I am in my 2nd year of school and wondered if it'd be worth it to quit my job and use my financial aid to live off of and just be able to focus on what I want. But then sometimes, I think would this be a bad idea? I don't know why I've got this in my mind, but I just thought I'd share... opinions anyone?
  4. Karla.S

    Nursing Documentation - Lost!!

    Hi! I've got a bit of an ethics questions I suppose.. I work in a psychiatric hospital. One night, we had to apply restraints for Pt. safety. We do 15 minute observations on the Pt and check vital signs as well. Someone during the night had misplaced the 15 minute observation sheet and HIM has been looking for it. (I'm a tech there and am in nursing school currently). The RN for our building told my supervisor to "just print out a new sheet and have them fill it out" and my supervisor agreed that this was a good idea... I'm not too keen on that because, to me, that seems like false documentation because it could not be 100% accurate. I sent an email to the ADON about this and am waiting on a response...but I thought I'd ask what you all thought about it. Am I wrong to not want to put my name on a piece of paper that is essentially "back-dated"?
  5. Karla.S

    Any Nebraska CNA Students or CNAs on here?

    I'm on the NE registry for CNAs (I'm in Lincoln also) CNA class was pretty fun, I had a good group of gals to study with! I did one of my clinicals at Tabitha!! I think you'll like it!
  6. Karla.S

    Spring 2010ers

    1) What school will you be attending? BryanLGH College of Health Sciences 2) When is your orientation? January 7th, I'm SO ready!!! 3) Do you have anything else left to do before clinical starts? I just have to do a Titer to prove my immunity to varicella! I'll probably find TONS more things to do by my orientation date!
  7. Karla.S

    clinicals start tuesday - need advice!

    I am going onto my second round of clinicals tomorrow all day and let me tell you, there's nothing to worry about! Like many have said, the residents are used to new students coming in and are so cheery to see new faces! I was really suprised at how many people were saying hi to us as we walked in the door. They joke around and laugh with you too, it makes it seem easier! You'll do fine!! :)
  8. Karla.S

    All white uniforms? Eek...help!!

    oh, by the way... Navy scrubs would be woooonderful to wear!
  9. Karla.S

    All white uniforms? Eek...help!!

    I think lots of schools use the "all white" uniform for students because it is a very basic color that most hospitals/institutions will not have their staff wearing...so its easier to identify who is a student lol I am having to wear white scrubs for my clinicals also and have been told NO THONGS---not even white or nude colored ones. Because even if you bend over, people still may see this and think of it as sort of embarassing or too flashy (I can't think of the right word) So what I am going to do is wear my flesh toned regular underwear and my white bra with an undershirt...hopefully all is well!!
  10. Karla.S

    Opinions on Kaplan...

    Yeah, I know this was about last year that this was posted but I haven't heard much good news about Kaplan either. WAY overpriced and their credits don't transfer to hardly anywhere. My sister-in-law was going there and spent around $9k for about three semesters or something? I don't know exact numbers you know, but it was rediculous. She quit going there because of the fact that her credit won't transfer. So what did you end up doing then?
  11. Karla.S

    Becoming CNA in NE

    Yay!!! I am almost done with my CNA course! I almost wish I would have done it through Madonna because I found out they will pay for you to go there if you work for them... Hmm!! Free school AND a job? Oh well...I am enjoying my SCC class!
  12. Karla.S

    Hello! I'm new here!

    Welcome!!! :icon_hug: I'm also from NE. I don't know too much about working in the NICU, but I've heard people, it is easier to get into the ASN programs rather than BSN (at least where I'm at). Someone has told me that they would even try to do an LPN program (because they are easier to get into) and get a job as an LPN and then do the LPN to RN class. So maybe that would be an option too? Anywhos, again...welcome!!
  13. Karla.S

    Gear for your first clinical day!

    Hey all!! I've been doing my CNA classes and next week will be starting my clinicals...I am SO excited! Now, on your first day of clinicals, what do you wish you would have had in your scrub pockets? They've told me to keep a small notepad and a black pen. I just didn't know if there was anything else that would have made things run smoother at all.
  14. Karla.S

    CNA giving medications....

    Just agreeing with what everyone else has been saying here. My instructor has told me never to administer medications (even topical ones) to a Pt at any time because of legal reasons and it being out of your scope of practice. Its not right for the LPN to be too "busy" to make sure the resident took her meds.. the LPN was in the wrong. I would definately bring it up to your charge nurse.
  15. Karla.S

    Danskos and Bad ankles

    :yeah:sounds like a good deal. My back really feels it when I am standing. At my current work I stand/walk a lot as well, but just wear plain shoes. Better shoes would really be a great benefit.
  16. Karla.S

    Mispronouncing a word makes you less of a nurse

    To me, the instructor seems a bit harsh when calling you 'less of a nurse' just because as a student you had mispronounced something according to him. I think some people just say things differently. Its all dialect. Like for the word "wash" some people pronounce it as 'wash' some say 'woish' and some say 'worsh'. But really, you are still "washing" your hands...