Some good news(it seems so rare these days)

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Financial Aid had a list of places to seek tuition assistance and such on our school website so I called and went to talk to a place called WAEDA(Western Arkansas Employment Development Agency) and they have a program for people who have been accepted into the nursing program and make less than 28,000 a year where they will pay books, tuition, uniforms, and $4.00 a day for travel expenses. I filled out all the paperwork and got accepted! I am so excited! As long as I maintain a C average and stay in the program it's paid for.....Just wanted to shout it from the rooftops!


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Wow, that's fantastic....congratulations!!! :)


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AWESOME.......great news.....I wish we had that where I went to school. Congratulations again.....Good Luck in school. :)



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Congrats Robin! Wow, that's really great!


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Here's wishing I lived in Arkansas.

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That is great!! I also found assistance in the summer that is paying for the rest of my ADN program!



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Wow! That is great! Wish WI had that, but we make too much...


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COOL! Congrats to you Robin!



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Oh that's super news! So happy for you!


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Hey~ that's really great news! CONGRATS!


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Thanks for the replies, and glad to see that some of you have gotten help.....wish there was more for the rest of you......In a perfect world they would pay for it for all of us....*sigh*

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That's awesome, Robin! I, too, wish I had that option where I live!

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