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Social media privacy breach?


In New Zealand, however I'm looking for general advice on how you think would be the best way to approach so advice from anywhere is appreciated! It's long. Sorry not sorry.

I'm a final year student in my final placement/clinical. About 7 of us are in Facebook chat group. Mostly assignments and whatever, but recently one of girls posted a half face selfie of her holding a baby in the special care baby unit. You could only see half the face and she wrote something like "look how amazing my placement is, this is so cute".

About 3 girls reacted with how cute it was. 3 girls said nothing. And I called her out on it, told her it was massively inappropriate and that she shouldn't be doing it. The other girls didn't say anything but she countered that she was sorry and that she had just wanted to share a cute photo and as it was only to "you girls" it was okay.

I've been fairly angry at how she dismissed it as only my problem. And I know that 2 out of 3 of the girls who were silent also disagree with her actions. She hasn't removed the phtoo, and I've been refraining from making a decision on whether to approach out clinical lecturer or not because I am so mad still. We have 4 weeks left until the degrees over. Part of me is wondering if she could get kicked off the degree and not wanting to do that. But this is the third chat I've had with her, warning her about her social media use because I know her registered nurse friends have considered approaching the programme co-ordinator. I'm also worried if react now, still angry, I'm making a decision based on an emotional push.

In her defence (I guess.) It was only the back of the baby's head, only to a private chat.... is it worth of being reported or am I over-reacting? ?

The girl is an idiot. Get off the chat list and study on your own. Another stupid Fakebook escapade...

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Unless her actions change, she will end up getting fired at some point in the future. Perhaps a Come To Jesus with a clinical instructor will help prevent a bigger problem down the road.

You should get off of that messenger group! Try to warn her about it again. She will get in trouble if she continues on doing that!

She shouldn't have done that, and if she continues with similar antics she is eventually going to have to answer for them.

That said, there is no reason for this to make you so angry. I must respectfully advise you to simply worry about your own launch into the world of Nursing! You are going to come across numerous situations where others do not use good judgment, patients and coworkers alike. Many, if not most of these times, you have to steer clear and just let others learn from their own mistakes.

I, too, would get off the group.

Best wishes w/ the last year of school!

Definitely get out of that group. At my last job, a Facebook post got a nurse aide fired...and EVERY employee that liked or replied to the post was at minimum given a written warning and an unpaid suspension (one was fired due to the content of her reply).

Are you in the same clinical group? Does your group have a time where you get together to discuss your clinical day and ask questions, etc? If you do, you might want to ask a general "Hey, if someone took a selfie while in clinicals that showed the back of a patient's head, is that okay?" Perhaps a general warning from the instructor would be enough to show your classmate the error of her ways.

Facebook and nursing don't mix. It's never safe to post stuff about your class or work on social media where it could be seen by others! Get out of that group!