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  1. Instructor Issue

    I had a clinical instructor yell at me for reciting the 5 Rights of Medication in the "wrong" order (I had memorized it using a mnemonic that started with D for Drug and she yelled "Patient! Always start with the right patient!"). It was the first ti...
  2. Attendance

    Where I work, our "verbal warning" is actually in writing (both supervisor and employee sign that a verbal warning was given). It counts as a "verbal" as far as our progressive discipline policy goes. I am sorry that you were written up. Is there any...
  3. Attendance

    Unless your situation has changed, you should consider requesting intermittent FMLA just in case something comes up again (from what you described, it isn't a question of IF but more of WHEN you will need to miss work to assist your family). Intermit...
  4. How would you handle this med request?

    In my state/district, we can give OTC medications with a written consent from the parents
  5. My dad died yesterday

    I am so sorry for your loss (((HUGS)))
  6. Dying Patient Requires CPR- Nurses Laugh Instead.

    What upset me most was this happened THREE YEARS ago and the family has been fighting in court to be able to be able to release the video, not just to the press but to the BON (it is illegal in the state to place a video camera in a facility without ...
  7. I love living/working in a small town :)

    This morning I had a police officer come to the school I am in today to talk to me about a student (a little one with DM1 at another school). I could not for the life of me figure out why he needed to talk to me so I called the principal at the other...
  8. I worked in HR & forced to change charting

    It sounds to me as though you are potential whistle blower for a Medicare and/or Medicaid fraud case. I found the number for Medicare online and copy/pasted it below. Call them and tell them who you worked for and what they had you doing. Call us at ...
  9. New RN, and hate nursing already

    Both of the positions you have had sound awful. FWIW private duty home health was one of my favorite nursing jobs. I had wonderful families and patients (well, there was ONE that the family was UGH...but that wasn't the norm). I also had an AWESOME ...
  10. Calling all LTC Nurses; for advice/tips!

    A "brain sheet" is a must. Are you passing meds, doing treatments and the assessments/charting for all 42? Are all of them ICF or are there skilled residents in the mix?
  11. Patient Fell: Am I At Fault?

    Were you using a gait belt when this happened? From your description, changing her to a full mechancial lift sounds like a bit of an over-reaction. I could see making her a two-person assist for toileting so one person could help her balance while a...
  12. LTC from HELL!!!

    OMG....I have never been at a facility (LTC or Acute) where staff hid when state was in the building. Exactly the opposite was true...CNAs often commented on how many people were helping out on the floor while state was there! When state is there, th...
  13. LPN-BSN Program Search

    University of Oklahoma has an excellent LPN to BSN Bridge program LPN to BSN It is mostly online with one class meeting per month. There are full time (9-months) and part-time (18 months) options.
  14. New job offer

    I would ask myself a coupld of questions: 1) How will the stress of working at the current job affect the pregnancy? Some folks handle stress well, others (like myself) just don't. 2) You know up front that you won't qualify for FMLA. That doesn't me...
  15. Forced out to pasture

    I can relate. A little over a year ago, my case manager position at a SNF was abruptly eliminated, with no warning. It felt like a gut punch at the time because my MENTOR, the Director of my division, didn't call me, text me, email me. NOTHING. I sp...