So frustrating feel like crying ...there is always something in the way of my dream


:cry: I have been pursuing this dream of nursing for years and Im just plain sick and tired now....I have to work because I have a child and due to things in my past I wasnt the most focused student. So here I am at 28 years old still pursuing this dream since I was 23. I tried to get into a lpn school and cant because of my work schedule. So now I just tried to apply for a BSN program and my gpa is too low. It is a 2.2 and I dont know if i will be able to pull it up in a year. This really suck I am tired of my job as a CNA and if this makes me want to give up on nursing and just get a degree in Health Science instead. I dont know what freaking job I will be able to get with that but anything beats nursing right now. My prereq GPA is fine the school just wants a cumulative gpa......ahhhhh I feel like screaming .... IDK what to do
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When things get tough, it means you are almost where you need to be. I have felt the same way in the last yr. I understand. But you must never give up, when the going gets rough. I started out with a nursing dream when I was 18, I am going to be 31 in September and I will make it. I have promised myself that NO Matter what, this is what I want to do. Once you have that frame of mind, NO ONE AND NOTHING WILL STOP YOU!!! You will be in my thoughts.



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What gpa do you need to get in? It's good that they want a cumulative can work in your favor. Try taking a few of the second level classes that are required for the BSN then apply again. My school looks at our cumulative gpa also. When I first started my gpa was in the mid 2's. I finished my pre-reqs and took some of the BSN courses and now I'm in the high 3's. I'm doing an ADN program and will go back for my BSN. You probably can pull it up in one semester since you are so close to a 2.5 (which is what most schools want). Just don't give up!!!


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they want a cumulative of 3.0 and I have 2.2 with about 50-60 college credits... this is so depressing. Should I retake classes? Please help:cry:


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If they count repeat courses then I would retake them to get a higher grade. Check with an advisor to make sure first. Then ask them to help you find the best and fastest way to bring it up. You can also check out other schools. Maybe you can find one that requires a 2.5 gpa. Look around to see if you already meet some of the other schools guidelines in your area.

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yes definatly retake classes if they allow,try and do some elective like art, ethic which is not mind recking that how i am getting mines up to almost a 4.0...

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I am feeling the same way right now. Due to our financial situation I am trying to get into an LPN program first, and am waiting (not very patiently) to hear if I will be starting this semester. I was told they tend to call people last minute so I am still holding out hope! That combined with working and being a mom to my beautiful boy has me a little stressed! Good to know that their are others out their like me, I think this will all pay off when we reach our goals, however it may happen. Keep working hard and don't give up!


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My situation is a lot less severe than yours but I really feel your frustration. I'm ripe out of high school and I thought of getting a head a start on some of my gen ed classes this summer. I took a math class tried my hardest and got a D. It made me feel so dumb and literally made me depressed, because ok so I lost my summer big deal, but now I'm starting off with a D holding down my GPA already. like cmon.


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you are not the only one. I have been taking pre-req's on and off for the past 3 yrs. Have finally decided to re-take some of the classes this semester to bump up my grade. The school that I am going too only requires certain classes, and that is the overall GPA they look at, not all the classes I have taken in the past. I would advise you to re-take some of your classes and see if you can get a higher grade in them. I know my friends, family and husband think I am nuts for taking this long to try to get into nursing school, but the way I look at it, I am only 27yrs old, I have my whole life ahead of me. I want to enjoy my job, not go in everyday wondering what else I could have done. I wish you the best of luck, and keep us updated if you decide to move forward.:)


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they want a cumulative of 3.0 and I have 2.2 with about 50-60 college credits... this is so depressing. Should I retake classes? Please help:cry:

I am sorry you are feeling that way. NEVER GIVE UP! have you talked to your adviser? and do you have any family around to help you out with your child? Have you thought of taking online classes that you can do from home while you are not working? I did that for a while, actually half of my prereqs were taken online. South University allows you to take online courses that are 5 weeks long, so I took 4 courses per quarter (they don't have semesters) so that meant taking 2 classes at the time every 5 weeks. The courses were very intense because all the work you must learn in 11 weeks you must learn them in 5. BUT that gave me a chance to stay home with my little ones. I studied at night while they went to bed.

I am 32 and just got into the nursing program (starts 10-3-11) you are only 28! you are already ahead of me!! At least you know what you want. You just have to keep focus. Call your adviser and see what other choices you have. what about an LPN program?

Keep us updated! :)


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This post just broke my heart. I don't have a lot of advice but I just wanted to say I'm sorry things have turned out this way for you...there have been some times in my school career that things have seemed hopeless, but talking to an advisor is usually the best solution! They always have ideas about things that you were unaware were even options. I hope things start looking up for you...good luck girl.