So does a drug test mean employment???


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I have a question, a friend of mine who recently graduated with me was recently granted an interview. The way she explained it was that she first interviewed with the UM who then asked which shift she could work, told her how much she would make had her fill out some paperwork (minor stuff. . no tax forms or anything like that) and then made copies of her licenses, SS card and all of her certifications. The UM then walked her down to get a drug test. They collected the sample onsite, then UPS'd it to the lab. After that, she had a meeting/interview with the DON and at the end of it when she asked when she could expect to hear back, she was told in 2-5 days.

When she called me to tell me about it i pretty much guaranteed her that she probably got the job (obviously only if her urine and background checks are cleared which i am sure they would be). I just assumed that in these economic times, no facility is going to pay for your urinalysis unless they are seriously considering you and intend to hire you upon receiving the results. Well. . . It's been a week and she has yet to hear from them. Now she's a nervous wreck! She knows it's not her urine as the lab never called her (which she was told they would if it was positive to request a prescription) and she knows it's not her background.

I'm confused!:confused::confused::confused: I thought 2 interviews (albeit in the same day but still the UM and the DON) as well as a facility funded interview was practically a given! Is this normal? Is there still a chance?

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It's all in the "process." That's what we call it, where I work, when the HR department takes FOREVER to get things done. I'm sure she has the job. They wouldn't pay for drug testing without fully expecting to hire her.

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I would have thought the drug test was the clincher. If it's been past her five days...if I were her I would call them. Say something like...just wanted to let you know I'm still really interested in the position...but goodness, it's been enough time, she should call!


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Yeah that's what I'm thinking. But her argument is that they never OFFICIALLY offered her the position. I guess what she was hoping they would say is something along the lines of "Wow. Both your resume and interview were impressive and we would love to extend an offer of employment with this facility!" LOL! That;s reasonable enough but if you aske me, just telling her how much she'll be making and giving her the drug test, not to mention making sure she has a meeting with the DON (who told her how much orientation she should expect and that since she's a new grad, she can ask for more if needed) before leaving would be offer enough! And today made the 5th day because her interview was on friday. So she might still hear from them on monday right? And if not she is clear to call?

I just don't see how, if everything else is clear, she won't get this job after all the trouble they went to!

Any other opinions?


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She should call. Worst that can happen is that she gets an excuse and news that she wasn't hired because ....... She might find out that they are still waiting on some result before they can make the final offer. She has waited long enough, so should call.


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Sorry! In my first post at the very end i said "facility funded interview" when i meant to say "facility funded drug screening". For some reason i can't edit it and most of you seem to be figuring it out anyway but i still wanted to prevent any confusion.

Any other opinions?


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Usually if an organization is spending the money for a drug screen, they are serious about hiring that person. It's a lot of money to waste on someone you don't want.

I was called and asked to come in for a drug test and was told the results would be back in 3 or 4 days. After a week, I had heard nothing so I called the floor manager (who was the one making the decision) to see what was happening. Turned out the results were sitting on someone's desk in HR. I came in the next morning, filled out my paperwork and was working the next Monday.

My advice is to call. Anything could be going on so it shouldn't hurt to ask. It might also show much you want the job. If they have changed their minds, then you will know that and can move on to other opportunities.


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I had an interview about a month ago, where I interviewed with the nurse manager and then did the peer interview. She introduced me to all the staff during the tour. At the end of the interview she walked me down to the lab to get a drug test. I for sure thought I got the job. I didn't hear anything the next week so I called, and was told they were still interviewing. A couple days later I got a letter from the hospital saying thanks, but they were going to hire someone else, or continue their search. So I hate to say it, but she might not have the job. It might just be how some hospitals work. Good luck to her!


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I'm an medical technologist and a RN. Actually Drug tests only cost about $15-25 so its not a big expense.

I'd call. My 1st job I had as an MT the supervisor told my boss of my previous job he's going to hire me but I never heard anything for about 2 months. What happened is that my paperwork got lost somewhere in HR.

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Regarding the expense of the UDS, it's not entirely unheard of in my field (medical transcription) for a company to ship a company-owned work computer and foot pedal to a new hire, never to be heard from again. (Of course, the MT sends the stuff back when the company won't respond to days or weeks of emails and calls at his or her expense.) It's crazy, but it happens.

I wouldn't say the job for your friend is guaranteed, but I'd be hopeful.

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