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So I was all set to start Monday GCU but I decided to hold on because I started. I looked into and it seemed impressive. Downfall is that I can't start it I was told till February and I didn't want to wait that long.

At GCU it looks like I will need less classes than I will with WGU. With WGU, from what I can tell, I will need more.(although official transcript has not been evaluated yet)I like the that at WGU you don't have to do discussion questions and have to rely on others for your grade or post a certain amount of times and what not. They also have proctored webcam for

test which might be a pain. The great thing is that I can advance at a faster pace then I could with GCU. Not sure if I would be able to or not but it's an option.

GCU have been great with communication without a doubt. Then of course there is the money to it. GCU is almost double the cost. Once minute I cant to do GCU then the next I want WGU. Has anyone struggled with the same? How did you make your final decision.

I also know a couple of people who went through GCU and absolutely loved it. (mother and daughter took it at different time) From what I was told is that the program is better now than it was a couple of years ago when the mom took it. She thinks that her daughter got lucky and finds it much easier

I'd really appreciate any advice.


I'm sure if u ask people from each school--they will say it is fine. Each will have its pluses and negatives! You have to do what is best for you---as what is best for me, is more than likely different for you.

I have seen a few that have graduated very fast at , but one has to ask what classes they took and how many at a time, etc etc, and are you able to do that? And I think one has to be actually working as a RN to be in the program, but I may be wrong. And I'm not dinging the school, I'm just making sure your comparing oranges to oranges as I truly don't have a real interest in ur career,lol Not saying that in a mean way, but its the internet, we don't know each other, but I do want you to make a good decision.

GCU actually appeared at the very end of my search, I was almost signed up to goto University of Lafayette, but it took them over a month (And was still not completed) to do my Transcript eval, so I said screw that, if it takes them that long, while other schools have done it in hours or a few days, just didn't give me a good feeling about the school. Back to GCU---many of the online reviews I found were pretty poor, so again I didn't have a comfy feeling......But the counselors were great, very fast at responding, and they were honest, as a few times they didn't have an immediate response as they were not sure--and they stated so, but got back to me with a response. I then found a few people here on Allnurses that are currently enrolled and they said it was a good program, not a cake walk, but very well organized. so based on those recent students, councilors and decent $$$, I went with GCU, and so far happy with that choice.

I enjoy the layout of the online program--its VERY easy to follow. For my power-point presentation research, I asked the librarian, was an online chat, and bam I told him what I required and he told me how to conduct my search on the school library and bam, many usable resources. I just find the whole program very usable friendly! I see all the Discussion questions I have to do for the whole course, every paper topic and group presentation. So if I wanted to, I could work ahead and complete them. Maybe not so much for the group project, but at least for the papers and DQ. You can't submit them until that week, but hey just save them in multiple spots,lol Of course each week you have to post to other peoples questions...but if ur savy you can have posts already made up, not hard to do.....As for the most part everyone has the same theme.....

I'm sure WGU is a good school to.......One just has to make sure whatever school you choose is best for YOU.


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Thanks. Makes lots of sense. I just need to decide. They both have + and - . There is also the financial aspect. I can get enough loans to cover GCU but do I want to add that to the already large educations loans I currently have? With I will be paying 1/3 the cost at the end and that is a plus.

I just need to decide:unsure:

yep money plays a huge part in it!! But you want to do a program that you will somewhat enjoy--if that's possible,lol With to save that $$$, do you have to have a heavy work load??

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I went to , so I am biased. My degree cost me $3500, so if cost is an issue, I don't think you will beat that price anywhere. However, I really did have to work very hard to accomplish the degree in one term. :) I like WGU because you CAN accelerate as much as you can, whereas with other schools you may be constrained into a schedule as you will be working with other people.

OTOH, if you are not good at learning all by your lonesome, a school with group projects and 'classes' may be more appealing and better for your learning style. WGU doesn't work for everyone, as you really do have to motivate yourself to get things done. It does have negatives (and I am sure GCU does as well) - the proctored webcam exams can be frustrating for some, and you can run into a class with instructions that are confusing and have to dig around for assistance. However, there are student groups on facebook and elsewhere for support with 'what the heck does this mean'. :)

I am sure either one will get you there, you just need to figure out what works best with your schedule and learning style.

My first choice was , as I liked the cheaper price and could finish faster, but, as previously stated, you have to be working as an RN, and I am not yet :( So I went with GCU and have had nothing but a great experience so far! I am almost done with my 3rd class. The price is a little steep, but I'll pay it off as soon as I can find a stinkin job!

GCU isn't steep in price, I think the ttl price is around $16000-$17000 Thats including books--many others i checked were well into the $20,000 range, a few in the $50,000 range, was crazy!

True, but it is steep for me! I would never go to a college that was 20+ thousand! And it is much more than . But, like I said, I am happy with the education I have received so far!

I'm not saying $16000 is chump change,lol

*L*I know. Wish it were though, would make our lives a whole lot easier!

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WGU's price does include books, fwiw. That was another reason I went there. But yes, they want you to be working. :( I paid cash for my degree and for 16K, I would have just said 'forget it' and gone on with my ADN. I've been a nurse for a long time and could have probably gotten by a while longer with it, but I am glad to have finished my degree. :)

Less $$$ is better, as pretty much a BSN is a BSN.......Buts whats the average time that people complete the program at ? Great that you worked ur butt off and finished in record time, but is that achievable by most, by our poster Lysa71? . I'm not against WGU--or even for GCU, but people must make sure they are comparing oranges to oranges, and certain goals are reachable.

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