FNP Online Courses suggestions?

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I have been communicating with several different online FNP Master Programs and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions?

1. Grand Canyon University

2. Maryville University

3. Simmons

4. Walden University

Any thoughts will help!!!


applesxoranges, BSN, RN

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In my area, if people do online Walden seems like the way they go. I choose a local school that had an online program instead of Walden.


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It depends on what you are looking for though... If i were to choose, i would weigh my options between Simmons and walden



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I'm a Walden student. So far-positive experiences. Enjoying it.


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I have also found out that if you live in an area with many local colleges, you may have an issue with finding perceptors. I am not an FNP student but I have been doing my due deligence and some doctors and clinics stated that they prefer to precept local students only. One clinic even had it bolded on their site that they do not accept online students. So I am choosing to go to a local university. If that is not an issue for you many students seem to like Simmons but that the price rage attached to it .....Good Luck!!



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hi what school did you choose> I am now looking into an online as well