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My old Apple watch 3 of 3+ years hit the steering wheel in my car a few months back and the face came apart. I vowed not to replace it because I felt like it was a big waste of money at the time.  Although, it was highly effective in keeping me motivated and on schedule during pre-reqs and nursing school with the timers and air pods controls for ebook apps (excluding its use during testing etc.) I figured I didn't really need it post graduation because life should be easier now.  However, I still missed the feature of quick alerts, fast access to my air pods etc.

So after several months of surviving nursing without my Apple watch I am now doing training on a 'higher paced' busy nursing unit.  Medications are passed at 9am, 11am, 1pm, 5pm, and 7pm sometimes.  I have to check new orders at least every 2 hours, turn patients every 2 hours, disconnect IVPB bags every 30 minutes to an hour.  Check labs, draw labs, recheck vitals, check patient appointments, check that patients got their  breakfast, lunch, and dinner, check input and output.  Document a frequent nursing note, a nursing assessment note, an intake/output note, and a nursing care plan note/ or review previous.  I haven't even done admission or discharge notes yet!

Sometimes my preceptor will kindly ask me if I noticed a new order that a doctor placed about 10 minutes ago on my patient and I am thinking "how is this possible?" and usually my answer is "I haven't seen that yet".  Don't get me wrong I also sometimes see the orders before my preceptor does.... and my preceptors are great.

So last during 12 hour shift I noticed a nurse wearing her "beautiful pale pink Apple watch with an OtterBox protector over the face"..... and what do I do on my day off..... that's right.... I go to my Apple store app and order the cheaper SE version, 44in, with GPS/cellular, looped arm band and an "OtterBox face protector".  

I plan to set timers and alarms all day long and can't wait to see if a little organization makes me more efficient in performing task.  Do I really think I need an Apple watch to do my job?  absolutely not.  Do I miss the "convenience" of the Apple watch? definitely yes, I do.  I realize I can do all these features on my iPhone, but the watch will look more professional while monitoring alarms/alerts etc.

I don't have any issues with cleansing the Apple watch with soap, water, alcohol, bleach if needed.  I also where my PPE gowns and gloves which cover the whole arm for those more intimate patient care needs.  My only past issue was hitting the face of the watch on things (hence why I need the OtterBox protection for the face).

If any one knows any apps or ways that help nurses with organizing task on the smart watch, please let me know????  I am interested in learning all I can about the benefits of "modern technology" in this fast paste and highly technical life of nursing.


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Hey! Techno dinosaur here.

Zapi791 - I give you mucho credit for seeking to find something, anything to help you get thru your tough career days.

Welcome to AN & good luck.