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Zapi791 BSN, LVN, RN

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First year LVN to RN

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Zapi791 has 25 years experience as a BSN, LVN, RN and specializes in Primary Care Clinics.

I am a new RN transitioning to practice with 23 years LVN experience.  I am currently training on a medicine/telemetry/surgical unit.  My destination post 1 year training will be to return to outpatient primary care clinics.  

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  1. Zapi791

    Rat tail radish

    Rat tail radish makes a beautiful ornamental potted plant and is also very tasty for dinner. Mix this tasty seed pod with other vegetables straight from your garden. Add yellow pear tomatoes, banana pepper, fairy tail eggplant (pieces with fewer see...
  2. Zapi791

    Nutritional Value of Peppers

    The most productive vegetable I have grown this Summer was the peppers. I was surprised at all the nutritional value packed in peppers, which has made me want to grow more of them next year. I don’t like hot pepper taste but I have learned how to ...
  3. Zapi791

    Pumpkins, Other Large Squash, Sun Flowers, and Melons

    The squash bugs always seem to take over my squash. I only harvested 2 decent squash this year before the plants all died from pest. I refuse to give up, so I planted several seeds of various squash and pumpkins a week ago. My next strategy is to ...
  4. Zapi791

    Zapi's Garden after Hurricane Nicolas

    Update 3 I made another harvest this morning after working two 12 hour shifts. Now I understand the traditional meanings behind Thanksgiving and the last fall harvesting. I will add a pick of a quick easy tuna dish I made with bell p...
  5. @Faithful2, Mild anxiety is actually very healthy and can promote achieving goals if channeled correctly. Severe anxiety on the other hand, is not healthy or useful. Everyone has mild anxiety under certain situations like testing or learning so...
  6. My old Apple watch 3 of 3+ years hit the steering wheel in my car a few months back and the face came apart. I vowed not to replace it because I felt like it was a big waste of money at the time. Although, it was highly effective in keeping me motiv...
  7. Zapi791

    Zapi's Garden after Hurricane Nicolas

    Update 2 My grey zucchini plant produced one beautiful fruit. I will water it today and see if the plant comes back from drought. My first fairytale (shooting star) eggplant tasted amazing cooked with ginger garlic sauce and my bell peppers. T...
  8. Hello Faithful, Since the only thing holding you back from nursing is a "treatable" medical condition, I find it strange that you "refuse to treat" it because of "possible" side effects. If you feel like your heart is jumping out of your chest ...
  9. Zapi791

    Zapi's Garden after Hurricane Nicolas

    update: After working two 12 hour shifts I found my garden was thirsty, but for the most part seemed revivable after the 2 day drought. I think the drought is mild since Fall has arrived and the temperatures are slowly dropping. I have decided...
  10. Sometimes orientation such as learning the computer system and policies etc... in general are the same for both new grad and regular RN job . New Grad RN programs usually provide more shadowing with a preceptor/mentor until you feel comfortable work...
  11. Zapi791

    Which offer should I take??? Need advice

    I am not sure, but if the pediatric surgeons also own or operate pediatric clinics etc... maybe an opportunity to find a preceptor when the time presents will be easier for you. I have heard that some NP students have to find their on preceptors for...
  12. Zapi791

    Which offer should I take??? Need advice

    Wow you have 2 great options. If you take the OR nurse job at the Children's Hospital you would possibly find many available preceptors for when you start NP clinicals. However, if you opt to join the float pool, you may have a more flexibl...
  13. I have been watching this group for a few days and I apologize if I am posting in the wrong place because I never posted a topic before. I am recently starting to work 12 hour shifts for a few months of training, and had some concerns about my g...
  14. Zapi791

    Preceptor Made Me Feel Like I Should Leave Nursing

    It sounds like you are not doing anything wrong Ashywlms. The culture on the nursing unit is just very negative and they lack interest in creating positive learning experiences for new nurses. Since you now know that your preceptor lacks integrity ...
  15. Zapi791

    Advice please

    To answer your original question, no one in the United States of America is forced to work. The nurses have option to work full-time 40 hours per week, part-time (less than 40 hours a week), PRN jobs (working whenever they want), overtime (more tha...
  16. Zapi791

    Advice please

    It sounds like the head of command at the first job is not involved with communicating with the staff and HR is just a middle management office between the two. If the doctor can pay you less, work you more hours, and avoid hiring new staff he can ke...