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Garden Plant Surprises


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Has anyone ever tried multiple times to grow plants that totally fail every time and then they surprise you by appearing in your seedling salvage box bearing fruit? šŸ˜®

I had a storage container that I would sometimes replant seedlings that I thinned out of the main garden. This morning I was pleasantly surprised to see a Rosa Bianca Eggplant fruit growing from one of the matured salvaged seedling plants. Ā I wasĀ never successful with Ā Rosa Bianca eggplant in the main purposedĀ garden. Ā 

I am trying not to waste seeds and seedlings. I evenĀ made a delicious meal with the baby leaves of thinned out broccoli and cauliflower seedlingsĀ sautĆ©ed in olive oil and garnished over rice and vegetables. Ā I will plant fewer seeds next time because the germinationĀ rate is high most of the time and Garden space is so valuable.



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update 1

It turned out to be another Fairy Tale eggplant, but I do have a Rosa Bianca plant which is correctly labeledĀ that seems to have a fertilized flower so I am praying that it will go full term. Ā I wrapped the Rosa Bianca plant in aĀ frost blanketĀ to keep it warm because we will have a few cold nights in the 40's FĀ (pic below).

I found two more unlabeled eggplants, both with white fruit. Ā One hasĀ long white fruit which looks like a Casper, and the other hasĀ more round white fruit. Ā I picked several bell peppers too, so that the plants wouldn't struggle tonight in the cold.Ā 

IMG_1602.jpeg IMG_1603.jpeg

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