Skinned knuckles


Hi. I'm a CNA and nursing student but think this question applies regardless where we are in the hierarchy.

I skin my knuckles or scrape up my hands fairly frequently. I'm a cyclist and always seem to bang into something when I'm changing a flat or tuning something up, or in the occasional unfortunate wipeout. The scrapes are always minor but get annoying when I wash or disinfect my hands constantly at the hospital. Band aids both come off quickly and I fear they are reservoirs for the hospital germs. Gloves are ok, but tend to irritate the scrapes and make them heal slower.

Any suggestions?


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Are you protecting yourself BEFORE your injuries? Like are you wearing gloves or guards or stuff like that? You need to think PREVENTION!

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You will change a lot of bandages there are waterproof bandages and liquid band-aids.....Gloves are a must.

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Also moisture, moisturize, moisturize. Hydrated skin is more supple and tears/abrades less easily.


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Thanks. I've heard of liquid band aids but haven't tried them. I do everything I can to stay hydrated and take care of my hands to prevent injury but if any of you work on cars or rock climb, some scrapes just come with the territory.

I'll see how liquid band aids mesh with gloves. I guess there's always superglue too...

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I like the Next Care waterproof bandages as well. They stay on really well.

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Second skin works very well to cover minor skin breaks and it won't wash off. Agree with tait on next care clear/waterproof bandaids, very good.