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what does this sign mean?


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thank you


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when a doctor writes an order?


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Im not sure about that sign and I'm assuming it's not a % sign. Maybe his/her handwriting is really bad. It LOOKS like the sign for the number 1 when writing 1 tab/cap/gram/etc. It is 1 dot over a horizontal line over 1 vertical line. It is hard to replicate it on here but it looks like .l- but turned 90 degrees. If the doc was writing the number 2 he/she would put :l= (turn 90 degrees). The number 3 would be 3 dots over a horizontal line and 3 vertical bars. This is just a guess as to what your doc was writing. I'd have to see the chart. Anyone else wanna chime in?

is it a "grain"? , .. agree-- its hard to tell here.

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Would need to know the context of its use in order to help. Otherwise I have no clue.


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It looks like a percentage sign to me. Some people just use dots instead of little circles and it might just have a slightly misplaced left dot. Clear as mud?


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Is this on a handwritten prescription? Are you trying to type out a dot with a horizontal line under it, with another slash below that (kind of like a division sign?) If so, some doc's will write that to mean 1 tab (with the number of dots and slashes under the line indicating how many tabs).

If that's not what you mean, sorry!