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Hello, Friends! I recently made the move to School Nursing from bedside. I absolutely love my new role and the hours to spend with my 9 month old;However, I’m feeling the $18,000 salary difference. Any ideas for ways to use my degree to supplement the income? I really don’t want to pick up a bedside PRN job. TIA!

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I've considered trying to get into legal consulting, and there are courses floating around for that, but I worry that it will be more work than I can commit to... 

I have a second job at a private boarding school, so it is kinda a combo of bedside, school, and outpatient primary care. My base schedule is one weekend per month and this year I added on every other Monday evening. It's nice because I still get most weekends off and the school is closed for the major holidays and summe, and there's always opportunities to pick up extra shifts.  



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I've had several different side jobs over the years.   For 3 years, I was the supervising nurse for a small assisted living facility.   I could do my work in the evening or on weekends and the administrator took care of things during the work day.    At other times, I was PRN at a local nursing home.   I would pick up about one weekend a month, then fill in for vacations in the Summer time.   I took a break from side jobs when Covid hit, mainly because of all the extra work at the school, I was exhausted!  But also I didn't want the extra exposure and some places had a "only one healthcare job" rule.     But this Summer I'll be back looking for something again!  

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PRN pediatric homecare. (I hold a hard boundary that I'll pick up random weekend days / weekend call outs for the families I am oriented to.  I won't commit to an every other weekend schedule or any type of rotation.)

I work at a residential Summer camp, as I haven't wanted summers off and that's usually in the $10k ballpark. I've done extended school year programs, too, to a similar $.