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  1. Side Job

    Hello, Friends! I recently made the move to School Nursing from bedside. I absolutely love my new role and the hours to spend with my 9 month old;However, I’m feeling the $18,000 salary difference. Any ideas for ways to use my degree to supplement th...
  2. Clinic Grants

    Hello, Friends! I am looking for help finding some grants for my school health clinic in Ohio. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I already have a donorschoose profile (which if you don’t have one, you should check it out!). I’d also be inte...
  3. Promoting student self care and independence

    Wow, thank you so much for the info! I appreciate you ❤️
  4. Hello! I am a school nurse, K-12. How do I promote self care and independence in students who are poverty level and are so used to people providing resources that they struggle doing for themselves? Is there any EBP that you know of in regards to the...