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Anyone else feel this way??? I'm tired of the lack of respect. Tired of only being able to work in dr. office or LTC. I work in a LTC and it makes me not want to be a nurse anymore. My passion is being sucked out and I don't know I want to go on to be a RN. I'm depressed. How do you cope????? Anyone have any words of wisdom???

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Don't be discouraged LPNs are wonderful nurses and hold your head high and be proud.

Since it's been a while since the OP made this post, has RN been in the works?

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My ED uses a lot LPNs, I actually had a medic friend say he was going to apply there but word on the street is they're phasing out medics for LPNs (not true).

A good LPN changes our entire workflow and makes EVERYTHING in our zone move smoother.  A bad LPN.. Honestly I'd rather have a mediocre PCA than a bad LPN.

What makes a good LPN?  On top of epic like we are, waiting for orders to pop and filling the ones they can.  Anticipating what's coming.  Doing my d/c in 18 while I'm pushing IV meds in 14.  Calling report for 13 while I'm checking in the squad in 15. 

What makes a bad LPN?  Specifically the ones who complain all the time about being LPN's, even worse when they act like everything is beneath them.  Heard one the other day literally pout "all I am is a tech around here".  Lady - we're all just techs here.  See an order, fill an order, answer those call lights, move the meat.


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Girl, I am sick of nursing period. About to start a new career. However, if a person gets into nursing I recommend going straight for RN and getting a nice work from home job. No physical interaction with patients, staff, management, doctors, or families. 

I agree. With you somewhat phase out LPN. A have RN and nursing assistant. LPN do most of the work for half the pay. So in that aspect I agree

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