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Shut off @75...


So I took my RN boards today and it shut off at 75. I felt horrible about that exam. I had like 30-40 questions that were SATA and felt like I didn't know anything. It's the most daunting feeling to feel/know you failed. The pearson vue trick is dead. Any advice or comfort? Feel so down. Didn't feel this was with PN boards. Took exits 2 weeks ago and got 1106 on HESI. Thought I was ready...

There are scads of people who passed with 75. The number means nothing. Some state BONs are very fast, keep looking on yours, perhaps you won't have to wait the 48 hours.

I will keep my eyes opened. Thank you! Just hope I'm part of that passing group. Waiting is the worst part when you feel this way. I always have with test and end up being ok. Just this is my ticket to further my career. Alittle different


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I passed the NCLEX exam with 76 questions and my initial reaction when the screen went blank was I FAILED. As scaredsilly said the number means nothing. Good luck!

You are not alone. I don't think anyone comes out of the exam feeling too great. Just know you tried and prepared to the best of your ability. Hopefully you will not have to wait much longer. I know it is hard, but, try to do something to keep your mind off of the exam. Best wishes.

Did the new pearson trick and got the good pop up. Hope it's accurate

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Chances are that the new PVT is at least as accurate as the old one. I seriously doubt the system that reports pass/fail results to the billing system (the PVT itself) has changed. They have just changed the way that you get to see the PVT result and that new way may result in you paying for a new test. Hopefully you got the "good result" prior to having to confirm payment...

It worked and I passed!! Thank you everyone!!