Should I take Intro to Biology and Microbiology in the same semester?


Would this be too much? I really want to get an A in both classes and I'm not working or anything so I'll have plenty of time to study. I just want to knock out these two sciences so next semester I can start A&P 1. The application date for my nursing program opens May 15.

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I think it's a good idea, and you have enough time to study and relax also. Go for it.


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At my school we couldn't take intro bio and micro together because intro had to be taken first. But, if you can take them together I would. The info in both of the classes will correlate.

I personally wouldn't recommend it, but it really depends on you. There's a lot to learn. Your intro class will teach you a lot, and you will be going over some similar concepts, but understanding how a retrovirus works in microbiology before you've touched on protein synthesis in your general biology is going to be a little confusing. It's not impossible, but it's going to take more work studying, and you need to be ready to commit to having to put extra work in.

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Check with your school to see if you can take both at the same time. At my school Intro to bio was a pre-req for Micro.

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Check with your school to see if you can take both at the same time. At my school Intro to bio was a pre-req for Micro.


DITTO. It seems a good majority of schools will not let you take MICRO and possibly any Anatomy, etc.. without having taken a general introductory course in Biology. Definitely check w/ your school!

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Those are both relatively "easy" classes, but it depends on your personal ability. I found chemistry and anatomy to be much more challenging.


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Disclaimer: I had a BA before returning to nursing school, but that was yeeeeears ago and some of my science classes expired. (Apparently the dinosaur I took to school was now something I could study. Looking good, there, Bronty! :D)

I took bio and chem years earlier (like as part of early college in the mid 90's in high school earlier.) But since they didn't expire, it allowed me to take Micro and the required separate A&P classes all the same semester. It was really cool because the topics reinforced each other. Did life suck? You betcha.

I would look at taking bio first and maybe intro chem at the same time, and then move on to Micro and A&P, because having a good foundation in biological and chemical processes is a good idea for being able to really understand what's going on in Micro and A&P.

Good luck! :D