Should I take biology or chemistry?

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Hello everyone,

I’m looking into some BSN programs and I’ve noticed that majority of programs require two years of bio or chem. The problem with me is that I took BIO1 Lecture and lab and got a C in both. I then took BIO2 and withdrew from the class (personal reasons) so I have a W on my transcript. So idk if I should retake both bio classes or just take chemistry??


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Biology. I think it’s essential. Most premed students get a bachelors in science before applying to med school.


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Nursing courses are difficult to get into, the competition is often fierce. You will need better grades in those biology courses to get in. Check your school to see how many attempts you are allowed for a course. Getting an appointment with a school counselor should be your first stop.


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Most programs require at least one semester of both. The C grades put you in the position of needing to repeat both. In lieu of that decision, look at the specific requirements of the first program you intend to apply to, and take it from there.

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I was just accepted to an ABSN program. I took bio, A&P 1+2, general chem, and micro. My classmates were applying to BSN or RN programs. EVERYONE needed bio to get into micro and A&P 1. Everyone needed micro, A&P 2, and chem to apply to nursing programs.
Think, then get a good grade in bio if possible or take a human bio class.

If you can, take both. I did and it has helped me tremendously in nursing school. If you can only take one, I would re-take biology and do well because the biology is the foundation of modern medical practice. Good luck!

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I recommend taking both biology and Chemistry courses. At the end of the day, so to speak, you will need knowledge from both of these fields. (I give this same advice to my students.)

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