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  1. YES! Of course you can! The benefit of having CNA experience is that you know what you are getting yourself into when you start your nursing career, but as long as you are not afraid of getting your hands dirty and doing direct patient care, you will...
  2. I don't think anyone should ever spend $90,000 to get a nursing degree. That is a TON of money for something that you can achieve for a lot less. If I were you I'd go to the ADN program, get a job when you finish, and do an RN-BSN program while you w...
  3. That is so awesome! Good luck on your nursing school journey!
  4. Triplepoint

    Should I become a nurse if I don't like bedside care?

    It's good to be asking these questions before deciding to pursue nursing school. Even if you get a job in a doctor's office as a nurse, you will still have to go through a nursing program and do clinical where you will not be able to avoid unpleasant...
  5. Triplepoint

    Feeling defeated...

    You got a B, and were told that you needed to improve in some areas with your patient interactions. If I were you, I would not take the grade or the instructor's comments too hard. It is common for instructors to tell students that they need to impro...
  6. Triplepoint

    giving you credit on difficult exam questions??

    Our instructors do a statistical analysis on our tests after everyone has taken them, and then throw out a question if more than 50% of the class missed it. This generally results in about one question getting thrown out per 50 question test.
  7. Triplepoint

    New Grad NICU RN!

    Congrats, that is awesome! Do you have any advice on preparing for the nurse residency interview and essay? I want to apply to a residency program at a nearby children's hospital as I finish up my BSN, and would love to get some advice on what these ...
  8. I would do whichever position is most willing to work with your schedule. There are things that you do as a PCT that you wouldn't really do as a MA, so if all things are equal, maybe spend some time working as a PCT to learn some new skills.
  9. Triplepoint

    The Interview

    At interviews, they are typically looking for a few things. First of all, they want to see that you have poise, know how to dress appropriately for the situation, and that you handle yourself well in a stressful situation. They generally will as...
  10. I have no idea how amnesty works, so I cannot help you with that. However, If I were you I would focus on moving forward regardless ofyour past transcripts. At a lot of community colleges, only your pre-req courses are factored into your GPA. Look in...
  11. Triplepoint

    Best stethoscope?

    I bought a fancy cardiology stethoscope and I am actually glad I did. As a student trying to listen to different lung and heart sounds, I'm glad that I have a more sensitive scope because it can be hard to discern what I am listening for at times. If...
  12. If you think you can hack the medical school requirements, and are willing to suck it up for the length of time it takes to complete medical training, I say go for it. However, If it is a huge struggle for you to get through general Chemistry, and O...
  13. Triplepoint

    How many more times....

    If you don't do the required reading for the test, I doubt any nursing program will work for you. Maybe you need to change your study strategy? How much med math homework did you do before your test? In my program we did 14 chapters worth of med math...
  14. Triplepoint

    Debating on PA vs NP

    PA's generally seem very happy in their practice, and can work in many different specialties. They also seem to have a very solid medical education, and they can do procedures, if that is something that you might be interested in. NPs do have a polit...
  15. Triplepoint

    Should I take biology or chemistry?

    If you can, take both. I did and it has helped me tremendously in nursing school. If you can only take one, I would re-take biology and do well because the biology is the foundation of modern medical practice. Good luck!