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Jeff G

Chemistry/Physics Teacher at a community college.
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Jeff G specializes in Chemistry/Physics Teacher at a community college..

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  1. Jeff G

    Portage Chemistry 121

    I recommend taking a look at the description in the syllabus/catalog. Additionally, you can find equivalencies in a couple of online databases.
  2. Jeff G

    Organic Chemistry

    Here are our course offerings for General Chemistry 1 and 2 this coming year: Spring 2021: General Chemistry 2. Summer 2021: General Chemistry 1 and 2. Fall 2021: General Chemistry 1. Spring 2022: General Chemistry 2. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks, Jeff
  3. Jeff G

    Portage Chemistry 121

    If the Chemistry at Portage does not work out for you, please let me know as I can offer the Chemistry class that you need. Jeff
  4. Hi Jeff, I am a RN looking to get into a MS program. I have to take an organic Chemistry course and I looked into the class that you speak of in your posts. I only see O-chem II offered over the Summer. I was wondering if you know already if O-chem I will be available over the fall? I only need one O-chem class. If you would like to, feel free to email me @lynnko992@gmail.com. Thanks! 

    1. Jeff G

      Jeff G

      I will email you.  Jeff  

  5. Hello Jeff, I was wondering if you still taught organic chem at your school and if you could give me some info on the experience like what one should review before the course, how exams are structured, ext 

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    2. Im920Neuro


      Thank you Jeff, I would really appreciate it if you could email me that information at immy920416@gmail.com

      Do you think it's possible for me to take this course if review inorganic 2 and 2 the next couple of months? When you send me an email I'd love to talk more about this.


      Thank you,



    3. RN2helpU


      @Jeff G I’m interested in taking your general Chemistry this Summer and general chem 2 in the fall eventually organic or biochem.  I am also a nurse wanting to pursue anesthesia. Can you tell me more about your general Chemistry 1&2  class regarding due dates etc? Maybe even the syllabus of what to expect? 

    4. Jeff G

      Jeff G

      Yes, I would be delighted to answer your questions and to provide syllabi.  

      Please feel free to email me at jgrell@mail.ncmissouri.edu


  6. Jeff G


    Let me know if you need any help in Organic Chemistry.
  7. Jeff G


    If you need any pre-requisites such as introduction to Chemistry, general Chemistry, or organic Chemistry, please let me know as my classes will meet your august deadline. Given your background, you should be able to get an "A" in my courses.
  8. Jeff G


    Sure! I teach Organic Chemistry 1 and 2 at North Central Missouri College. I have attached the syllabi for the two classes. We can do one or both courses during the Summer/fall/Spring--whatever is needed and I will accommodate your schedule. Please note that the schedule of classes doesn't usually list these courses since I handle the enrollment and scheduling myself. I would be happy to answer any questions you may have. CH 210 E1 Organic Chemistry 1 Syllabus Fall Second Session 2019.pdf CH 215 E1 Organic Chemistry 2 Spring Main Session 2020 Syllabus.pdf
  9. Jeff G


    I agree with you--most faculty will not go to that level of effort.
  10. One good aspect is that you have most (if not all) the science pre-requisites done.
  11. Jeff G


    The issue with self-paced courses is that you cannot use federal financial aid with them. So, you have to pay out of pocket. One needs to consider this aspect too.
  12. Jeff G


    If you need to take an Organic Chemistry course, please let me know as I teach one at a community college this Summer. It is entirely online. The tests/quizzes/final are open-book, open notes, and students are encouraged to work with others (such as tutors, teachers, etc.). Science education research has shown that this approach is superior to the traditional lecture/memorize/test approach as (a) students learn the material better, (b) retain the material longer, and (c) get higher grades.
  13. Jeff G

    Pharmacists admitted to BSN Program

    Two points: (1.) You should be able to find a job as a pharmacist, but you may need to relocate or accept a less desirable position (aka night shift, etc.) There are positions for pharmacists in teaching and administrative/management/consulting work. (2.) The science courses you took for your pharmacy degree will help you if you choose to become a nurse. Depending on how long ago you took the courses, you might need to retake a couple of them--if you encounter that situation, please let me know as I can give you some specific advice.
  14. Jeff G

    A & P with no science background?

    There can definitely be an information overload in Chemistry classes. From my standpoint as an instructor, I avoid this by making the quizzes/tests/final open-book and open-notes where students are encouraged to collaborate with others. I have found this approach gives better learning outcomes.
  15. Jeff G

    A & P with no science background?

    The Aleks software is good and there are equivalent ones available, such as Knewton Alta. Each term, I give students an opportunity to purchase/use Knewton Alta, if they choose.
  16. Jeff G

    University of Arizona BSN Interview- Any Advice?

    I would recommend calling the school and/or searching through their website to find out what is required as far as Chemistry courses go. It does take some time to find out, but their answer is more reliable.