Would a general Chemistry class be easier than a Chemistry for health sciences class?

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Hi everyone, I am currently taking nursing pre reqs and need help deciding on which class to take. I’ll start off by saying that Chemistry is NOT my strong point. I struggle a lot with it. 

Most nursing programs I’m looking into will accept a general Chemistry class or an integrated Chemistry class. The official title of the integrated class At my school is “Introduction to General, Organic, and Biochemistry.” It is meant for those students who are going into the medical field. In terms of content, which class would be easier? The general Chemistry class or the integrated Chemistry? Would being an introductory class mean that the class is not as difficult? I just want to try to have the best GPA possible when applying to nursing schools.

I will add that I have taken general Chemistry twice already. Failed the first time and passed the second time but I have to retake the class since it expired and will not be accepted for most nursing schools (I am applying to accelerated BSN programs).  Maybe having taken general Chemistry before gives me an advantage instead of taking the health sciences one since I have seen the material before? 

One of the big reasons I can’t decide is because I am currently enrolled in General chem and it is the only class I’m taking this semester. Tomorrow is the last day to drop without a “W” on my transcript. If I do drop the class and decide to take the health sciences Chemistry class until next semester (January 2021), I will feel like I am wasting a semester. Chemistry is the last class that I need to be able to start the application process. My plan was to be done this December to start applying next Spring or to at least focus on only volunteering (if covid goes away) during those times and working in order to save up money for school. I don’t want to be worrying about classes then. 

What would you all recommend? Made an account to post this ?

Anything would help, thanks!

I would check with the programs you are planning to apply to. The ABSN programs I looked into that required Chemistry wanted the general course as opposed to an intro survey course. Gen Chemistry is not easy but it can be done. :) I spent many hours in the learning center but I struggled all the way through to an A.

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You are already enrolled and have started.  Just continue and get it done.  You don't have other classes to focus on and distract you.  There are a lot of you tube videos that can help explain things that will be beneficial in getting you through.  Look at Chemistry like its your job.  I'd just plan out my study schedule and seriously just get it over with.  

I've taken both and in my experience, General Chemistry is more challenging than Allied Health Chem courses. But like someone above me said, check with the programs you're applying to. Many ABSN programs require the General Chemistry course. 

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