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  1. What is the best option for me? - Low GPA wanting ABSN

    What's your degree in? Do you have any volunteer experience (in any area)? Do you have any healthcare experience? What grades do you realistically think you'll be getting in the pre-reqs? ABSN's look at a lot of different criteria, they tend to look ...
  2. Hey! I was wondering if you could provide some insight in your experience at Drexel’s ACE so far. I would wanna hear the good and the bad, as well as some thinks your think prospect students should know before going? Also do you live in Philly right now? I’m from the Jersey shore so it would be a total change in scenery for me! 

    1. Katy4132


      I would also love to know this as well, if you're not too busy studying ofc.  Drexel is one of my top choices, recently took a drive down there and it is beautiful!

  3. Clinicals Advice

    Those sorts of things definitely come from experience! Your clinical instructor is asking you those things so that in the future, you start to think about them. No one expects you to know everything from the start! Thinking like a nurse takes time an...
  4. Clinicals Advice

    In clinicals, you're fortunate to have some control over your education. Be the first to volunteer to step up to try things, always ask questions, ask for more opportunities to see and do things if they're not being given to you. Don't let the fear o...

    There's a thread of people you can find here:
  6. 3.2 GPA Nursing Material

    In my experience with points based ADNs, they're EXTREMELY competitive. Even with a minimum of 2.75 GPA, likely the people applying have much higher. I would look into the school's stats, see what previously accepted classes looked like. I know I app...
  7. 3.2 GPA Nursing Material

    That really depends on your school and what sort of program it is! Is it an associates, bachelors, ABSN? Do they do acceptances on a point based system or a more holistic approach?
  8. Retaking a class for a better grade

    Honestly, especially because of how old your psych class/grade is, I don't think schools will look negatively at you retaking. For some schools, your original might even be considered 'expired', so you'd have to retake anyway. And while yes, you're p...
  9. Two separate GPA Help!

    Like others have been saying, it'll depend on the school. Most weight SHOULD be put on the pre-reqs. I know when I was applying to ABSN programs, I had a 2.95 uGPA and came back to do my pre-reqs like you and had a 4.0 in those. I got accepted into b...
  10. Drexel ACE Program (Fall 2021)

    It should start September 20th, 2021 and your last day of Finals before graduating will be September 3rd, 2022.
  11. I from NYC too got accepted in NYU ASBN and Drexel ACE. But I didn't receive a generous financial aid from NYU.   I haven't yet make a final decision to attend Drexel.

  12. Drexel ACE Program (Fall 2021)

    I live really close to the Center City Campus since that's where the majority of nursing classes would be if they were in person (and where all the labs are). I think I'm like an 8 minute walk away which is really nice. A lot of people live out by th...
  13. Drexel ACE Program (Fall 2021)

    So all lectures are live online and we've got two labs, one alternates every other week on campus and online and the other alternates with our clinical. We have five classes this quarter. The bigger ones (Assessment, Funds, Patho) cover anywhere from...
  14. Drexel ACE Program (Fall 2021)

    Congrats! I'm enjoying it! It's got a couple organizational issues but I think that's for all schools right now due to covid. It's definitely a lot to keep track of but it's doable! I think one of the best parts of it is that the professors truly do ...
  15. NYU ABSN Spring 2021

    For the last cycle (for Fall 2020) they almost always gave out acceptances on Fridays. A few weeks were skipped. Then I believe I was in the last round of acceptances before the waitlist went out and that was on a Monday (May 18th - I saved the date ...