Should I stay home or help the fight?

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Starting with background info since it’s a very grey situation: I am currently 5 months pregnant and have two children ages 3 & 5 at home. I am older so I’m technically considered “elderly pregnancy.” I just moved to a new state with not much family support and was trying to find an RN job before everything got crazy. All schools are closed so I don’t have anywhere that I know of to send my kids if I work. My husband just got a new job so his focus is getting established there. I have Hx of asthma, bronchitis x 4, and pneumonia 8 months ago. I am in the COVID-19 high risk category due to these. I am “somewhat” of a new grad RN. I have 6 months experience working at a pharmaceutical company since I graduated in fall of 2018. My dream is to work in a hospital.

My question is this...should I continue to stay home with my children and stay home as directed by my state or should I figure out a babysitting situation to help the fight regardless of my health history and current pregnancy? I am torn because staying home means I’m putting myself and family’s health first. But I also cannot stand sitting back and watching the healthcare community fight this fight when I really want to help. Everyone I talk to say being in-between jobs is a blessing so I can stay home with my children conscience is telling me to risk my health and family’s health to help. If there are any fellow nurses out there that can provide their professional/personal opinions to help, I would greatly appreciate it. I’ve been extremely distraught over this and it’s clearly messing with my sleep since it’s 3:45am. Thank you in advance to anyone who is willing to take the time to reply.

You ask my opinion? With your health history, the fact that you have young children and another on the way, it would be irresponsible for you to expose yourself.

I did. Thank you for replying and confirming what I’m currently doing is what’s best.

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Stay home, take care of yourself and your children. there will always be nursing jobs, and the next crisis down the line.

Thank you. Now THIS is what I really needed to hear.

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