Should I start w/ Micro, Physio or Anatomy first?


Hi everyone,

I will begin taking my pre-req's this summer and want to know if it is easier to start with Human Physiology or Anatomy before I take Microbiology? ...just wondering if there are things I should really know about the former two classes before taking Micro??

any input would be SO helpful.

I have so much school ahead of me ...and I'm nervous.:uhoh3:

thank you, thank you



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My school requires students to take Anatomy. Then Chem to take Physio and Micro. So now I am taking Anatomy because i Havent taken Chem.

So far I dont think Anatomy is easy. Too much memorizing. Too much foreign language!! Ive looked at my teacher's grades for students who took her for Physiology in the Fall or WInter and there were only 3 As, 4 or 5 Bs, alot of Cs and some F and alot of no grades. I dunno maybe because they dropped


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I took human anatomy last semester, and I'm now taking physio and micro together this semester. I remember wondering the same thing so many times when I was figuring out which order to take them in. Taking anatomy before micro makes NO difference at all. I could see how taking physio before micro or vice versa would be helpful as they have quite a bit of overlap but as far as anatomy goes, it doesn't really make a difference. Having chemistry prior to physio and mciro would be quite helpful, and in fact, my school requires it.

I would take either micro or anatomy first, just making sure to have a good base before taking physio, because it's the hardest IMHO.

Good luck!



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In nursing school, you use A LOT of physiology. So I highly recommend doing your physiology at the very end before getting into nursing school, so that it's fresh in your mind.

The reason why physiology is SOOOO important is because you need to understand a lot of pathophysiology in nursing school. If you can, get a good patho book and study together with your physiology. I wish I did that in my pre-reqs and it would've been so easy for me!


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I am an Anatomy and Physiology tutor and I tell my students that it would be in their best interest to take Micro before the Anatomy and Phys.

There are things that you learn in Micro that will help you understand more complicated concepts in A&P.


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Thank you all for the advice and input. I can't begin to tell you how much it helps.

Thank you again.


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I had to take A&P I before I could take Micro, the following semester I took Micro with A&P II, crazy I know but it worked lol for me Micro took alot more studying so I'm glad I had to take another lab science before it, might not have done so well had I jumped straight into the world of microbes


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Defienetly take a&p first. I'm taking micro right now and I would be totally lost if I hadn't already taken a&p 1 and 2.

At my school anatomy is the pre requisite to physio.., and then after you have completed these two you could move on to Microbiology. Alot of things in anatomy you learn will help you in physio .., you learn the parts and then you learn how they work.


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hmmm.... I would have been totally lost taking micro before a&p. Micro was challenging to me and if I knew very little about biology, that would have been so, so tough. At my first school I had to take bio, ap1, and chem, and then you could take ap2 and micro.


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I think Micro is best to take last after you finish all other sciences. Since it seems to be a combination of all sciences. I took Bio first, followed by Chem(failed that), took A&P1 over the summer, then re-took Chem(passed)Now I am taking Phys, this summer I take Micro

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